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Because I want people to look well and bright and have that sort of peacock affect which I think turn Dulce color, you know, sort of healthy looking skin is what we we look at in a magazine or we look at it on another person. Oh, wow. Have you been away? Look, so well, so those two that you know, they go hand in hand naturally. I'm things like small things that your eyes pop the color pops. The wardrobe options rendering everything sort of opens up. Yeah. And it's body confidence itself. Confidence thing it's it's actually looking at your body and going. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. So it's those type of things which I love about timing. That's why I do it is I can sort of transform a mood of someone in half now. Yeah. That's funny. Harry, my co-host isn't with us always says that about makeup artistry. That's her favorite thing is that self care element of spending time with someone touching them taking care of them. And they leave feeling better than they did. It's it's lovely when I I haven't sort of. Well, if is lovely when I haven't been doing a body weekly. And so obviously, it's like it's like do make up if they used to having it done the appreciation finishes. But if you haven't had it done before the glory afterwards is incredible new sort of just oh gosh. We've had such a lovely treatment and today. Oh, yeah. I feel like I have trouble when I get home because I'm supposed to be moving house. I'm lovely lovely lie down. Guys, propped out with emotionally. So that's really my take on timing. I'm why I do it. So it's the sun aspect, and the just sort of you looking well without having to go mad. Yep. So you got started you came through body painting onto then doing tiny with that work. So how did you make the actual move? What was the thing? I mean, obviously, your dad was motivation. But where would you get started? If someone was saying I want to get started in this. I've no idea I am sure. Very much like make. Okay. So they teach timing in. PT school. But they teach a lot of other things beauty school as well. So it's going to be you have to you have to do the other training. It's going to make up school. You have to do every sort of little bit of the curriculum in order to hone in your your craft. But. I mean, I'm happy to train anyone who would like to be trained. Definitely do that. As a side side point out after the. Yeah. Because what we do is is different technique to spray time, and who so I stopped spray timing because of all the I suppose the downfalls that I found doing it. So I painted I painted on. And I use an I crafted some brushes which have taken a long time to create. I think I started create them in two thousand eleven. Wow. Yeah. And I've never found a body brush that worked they do exist. I don't even. I'm so essentially a makeup brush with a larger surface area that curbs the body because it's a lot and you can do you can scope you can define and you can shave and you can have fun with the body. So you know, we will be teaching it. I promise you. You can come and learn but what we're doing is. Apart from obviously, the professional side of it. We just launch your Reto. Yeah. Everyone. Can hello. So tells about that how did that. Well. I just want. I just want people that I can't reach to be able to do this spreads quite simplified process in the home, and it's three step. So it's treated as you would apply makeup treated as you would sort of maybe doing your hair, you prep, the skin. And you prime it, and you just color it new. You can layer it. So you. We have moose for the body, which is popped on to the skin. She sounds so. Thing that sort of you put a body primer on. And then we give you the lovely moose and you buff it in so instead of using a met, which is a large surface area in it won't..

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