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Was published in Nancy Guthrie's Jesus keep me near the cross and it's a sermon titled Jesus our substitute. It was Luke 22 in Christ in guest. And I've went back to it probably quarterly over the last decade. And what I want to ask you is, do you remember preaching that sermon in particular that was published? Christ, it was in your Luke series, but there's so many sermons, but Christ in his passion. In his substitution, bearing our sin. What I want to ask you is, would you say of your own preaching in those moments where the Holy Spirit is allowing you to preach with power that you've approximated to truly preaching and would you say that you know the difference in the moment that you feel that unction and that power explain to us if there's a distinction between an ordinary time and a sweet time? Of preaching and what that's like or if it's just or if it's just faithfully proclaiming over time the word and. While. John McCarthy thinks that statement by Lloyd Jones is nuts. I know that because he told me he said he said that Lloyd John should not say that. I mean, he shouldn't have said that. I don't know if I've ever really preached. Now that's only John's view. I think he thinks that because we all who heard Lloyd John's preach, as far as we are concerned, if he's never really preached, I don't know what it was we were listening to. I would say that the routine Sunday by Sunday week by week preaching of the word, if I tried to analyze whether it was good, bad, ugly, moved powerful, unpowered, whatever I'd be in an asylum. So I, when I was much younger, I used to agonize over that. And then I suddenly realized it's the word of God that does the work of God by the spirit of God, that basically all you are is a farmer you so seed. That's what you do. Now, and I had a big discussion with Steve Lawson about this about passion because Lawson is all about. And I lost Steven, he and I are friends, and I've been in my golf quite a few times. But. He did this big thing. And we were at a seminary together and someone asked a question about passion. And of course, he knows Steve, Steve is like, passion. It's about passion and the passion if there's no passion, the best, and I'm like, wow. Son of God. Which is like piper as well. He's the same. You know, John's like, wow. This is like, oh, what happened? You know, and I was at John's house one time with David wells, and I asked his son, one of his sons. I said, what age are you? I'm 16. I said, did you get your driver's license? And he said, no. And I pressed him a little bit. I said, well, you're 16. You got your driver's license. I mean, that's a real rate of persons. And John's on the table and he goes, listen. Do you think in light of the cause of the gospel? It matters whether he has his driver's rights. I'm like, so wow.

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