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The delivery includes forty mice and thirty six thousand worms for aging and muscle studies. Scientists expect a tenfold increase in the worm population. The launch was delayed for a day because of a problem with food for the mice NASA discovered Monday that the food for the mouse, turnouts was moldy more food was rushed in from California. Fitch Ratings has downgraded Sri Lanka's long-term foreign currency issuer default rating in a statement Fitch says Sri Lanka's ongoing political upheaval, which has disrupted. The normal functioning parliament exacerbates, the country's external financing risks a court ordered the country's disputed prime minister and his ministers to refrain from conducting their duties as it. Here's a case challenging their eligibility to hold office after losing two no confidence votes in parliament fit says it lowered the country's rating to be from b plus with stable outlook reflecting heightened external financing risks uncertain policy outlook and a slowdown in fiscal consolidation. President Trump's accused of profiting from his presidency because of his last respects, I'm Tim Maguire AP newsman that the public streaming a flag draped casket a former president George H W Bush as he lies in repose in his church fifty years Saint Martin's episcopal in Houston at his Washington funeral the forty third President, George W Bush eulogized his father us his was the brightest of a thousand points of light also delivering a eulogy longtime friend former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson who called the forty first president one of nature's noblemen his epitaph, perhaps just a single letter. The letter l for loyalty. It pours through his blunt after a service in the morning. Bush will Gary at his presidential library tomorrow at Texas AM one of seven crew members has been found and is in stable condition. The search continues for six others in the waters of the Pacific. Some two hundred miles off the coast of Japan. Japanese defense officials say a US marine f a eighteen fighter jet and a KC one thirty collided. I'm Tim AP digital news back in a moment. Introducing.

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