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Now, let us papers packages delivered by carrier train set delivered through post regardless of. A home. Oh, yes. Indeed. That's what I felt like when I woke up today. I don't know about the rest of you. As we kick into. Another week. It is all about Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh. And so many of you are just crushing me with your emails about it. 'cause I always say America tonight is, hey, it is at the crossroads of what you want to talk about. What are you talking about in your backyard, where we're talking about my backyard, and you know, what this is something that is being talked about everywhere. My prediction is for the people who can watch what happens on Thursday because there will be a camera. Everyone's watching. Everyone's watching and it'd be a good night for the good old fashioned television news, we're normally they're not getting huge ratings. And of course, everybody who's anyone's going to be there. All right. So there's been protests. There are people lining up on all sides of this. There's a cavenaugh giving his side of the story. There's the anxiety of Christine Ford, Dr Ford, and what she's going to say, and what happened in her life, and why she left the east and went to California. And I saw one headline today. It said Christine getting cold feet question. Mark. And so the question does become you know, now you've got Michael avenue saying there's a third cavenaugh accuser that's going to emerge in the next forty eight hours. You've got Dr Ford who's going to go before the Senate Judiciary committee that hearing. And so we'll cavenaugh they won't be in there at the same time. And it will be televised. And it is being compared to Anita hill because it's similar in its nature in a sense. But it's decades later, what will be different this time around if anything, and it's it's really interesting because while that's happening. On the east coast. Bill. Cosby didn't get a free pass the prosecutor asked for five to ten years in prison. And the prosecutor said this guy shouldn't get get out of jail card because of his age. So the prosecutors asked the judge to sentence him to at least five hopefully, ten for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. While the defense argued he's too old and helpless do the time behind bars. So Joe green who's the defense. Attorney said what does eighty one year old man do in prison? Day one of the sentencing hearing, they gotta have consecutive days of this day. One of the sentencing hearing for Cosby who's legally blind and dependent on others. That's what's going on there. What does he get in the end? I don't know. I mean, are they gonna say sorry is too old? Or are they going to give him a sentence? Is it going to be five years is going to be probation? What does it look like say what he doesn't look like the comedian jovial joking guy? He was very grim. I saw some footage Cosby walking into the courthouse. Now, two of you had something to say about that one was from Nancy who said kospi gimme a break. Did anyone feel sorry for the woman that he drugged when he could've had any woman he wanted, and it was just a power grab crazy nonsense from him. I think that they should give him whatever he can get too bad. If he's too old to serve, and he shouldn't have screwed up all the lives that he screwed up, and they convict them of this one. So you do the crime you serve the time. Just like anyone else in this nation? And then there was this from constant to women brought me about it. Who says I think Cosby did do what they say. He did. But I think it does. Nobody any good to see this blind old comedian behind bars. Couldn't they have him. Do something else. It is too bad. That Justice wasn't served a little bit earlier in this case. But I do not see why he would be sentenced and serve up to ten years. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Then we move on to what I said is the cavenaugh thing that everybody wants to talk about pretty much, and I got this one from Earl who says Kate have been listening to the show for a long time. I do love the way you present. What's happening because I feel like I'm having a conversation with somebody, and I can't have conversations with people anymore. They get to. Hot screamy, a nasty about whatever subject. It is that we seem to bring up when we're on different sides of it. But that's this nation now in the case of judge Cavanaugh. He does deserve his due process. I guess if you will. And so I agree with many of the people saying she should be heard and she needed to come forward and speak to the committee. She's doing that. So let's see how it all plays out before we convict him or re vilify her how about a little comment as we live in the United States of America. Thank god. So you are innocent until proven guilty. Let's hear the facts. Let's hear what both of them have to say. All right, calm heads, prevail. And then this one from Roger listening to us in Florida in Ocala. I like that I'm in Ocala and Roger. Says Katie I can't imagine what it would be like to come forward when something happened to like has been described by this Christine blassie Ford. And if you listen to what's being said, and then you read all the different opinions about it, which are kind of all over the map. I think she does deserve to be heard. And I can't imagine why she would make this up. But the decision ultimately is made with what do what do the Republicans think after they listen to this does he still get voted in or do they think that what happened really happened, and he should not be on the supreme court. It is so interesting how the fates and fortunes of this man can swing a couple of different directions. Just like that. And that's life. Isn't it? It's interesting. How you say real simply like that. And that's life, isn't it? But it's true. And here's the thing when you put yourself out there publicly. Right. You gotta do it. And and listen he's he went on the offense today. And that's what he should have done. If I was advising him. He knows he's an attorney. He did what you should do. Let's go to Brian his listening to us in the great state of Georgia. Hey, brian. Hey, how're ya? Doing good. What's your take? I just wanted to call you. I was in a federal prison in HD, add Jessop, and I just wanted to let you all know that I will. At least Nettie L about a year and a half. And I really appreciate y'all. The way the thing about the. Way that this country is going I think he's gone in that direction. It's not there. The greatest, but. Do better. I liked that we could do better. Thank you for calling and letting us know Brian. I'm glad that you get the grain of where we go on the show to let everybody talk. So appreciate that. We could do better. I mean, let's have some conversation is very nuts. Be. You can be on the opposite side of things you can be really passionate about whatever it is. But for goodness sake. Let let the person take a breath and say what they're gonna say. And in the case of of what we're seeing on Thursday. Let's see how it all plays out. Let's see what happens there. We're going to let you hear. When when we come back more on what's going on with judge Cavanaugh more of what he said today because he did that FOX interview. And then what the president says about Cavanaugh, who, of course, was his nominee. There are a long list of people who want that position besides him. So they're not short for. Ooh. Who's the next person up? What do we do after this? It would be an incredible honor. Let's let's face it to be a supreme court Justice to be on the bench of the most important court in the land for a life time appointment think of that. I mean, there's something about the three branches of government and being in that position. That's just an incredible incredible honor. And I think we do Justice by letting letting the story play out. Let's see it. Let's feel it. Let's go through it them. And then move on from there. My gut tells me I think he's I think he's on. I think that he. I think that he's he is going to be voted on. And we'll see we'll see what's what's said. He had his wife by his side. When he when he talked to FOX today, he said, I'm not going anywhere. When you talk to Fox News anchor Martha McCollum.

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