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House is voting on a pair of budget Bill designed to fully reopened the government one extends funding for homeland security in the next month at current levels with no additional money for the border wall. House speaker. Anssi Pelosi telling reporters take yes. For an answer opened up government. Give us a month for us to negotiate with this package. Could be seven people are dead in a fiery crash on a Florida interstate. A number of others are hospitalized. Some in critical condition Florida highway patrol says too big rigs and two passenger vehicles were involved. At least one truck fuel tank was ruptured, sparking a fire state troops state troopers say they are investigating and are trying to identify those who were killed charges expected tomorrow against two former South Carolina sheriff deputies who were transporting to mental patients who drowned while locked in the back of a flooded van during hurricane Florence. I'm Tim Maguire. AP digital news back in a moment. The Dutch coast guard is warning the public to stay away from some of the two hundred and seventy containers that a cargo ship lost off the northern coast of the Netherlands. It said three containers carry closed off barrels of an organic, peroxide. A flammable and highly toxic compound the container. Ship is suspected to have lost a cargo that included toys like bulbs and flat screens during an overnight storm of the coastal border between Germany and the Netherlands by mid afternoon on Wednesday more than twenty containers. It washed ashore on the Watson islands in the North Sea. Some beaches on the islands already. So research of curious people checking out what washed up the headliners are set for the twenty nine thousand nine Coachella valley music and arts festival coming up.

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