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Talk to you about it and also there's a leonard reference in this article. It is a complete time machine to the year. Two thousand twelve. And i know i share this with a friend who is sort of getting into dc united and they were really really impressed at the at that fan story because it seems so out of the left field for sports fans of that haven't followed. Mls or have followed soccer and that there haven't been moments since then really. That was to me the last moment where you felt that direct connection with players in a way that they were like. Oh yeah this is like a family. I guess isn't just. These are just people who spent some money like this. These are these are. This is much more important than that. Yeah it is something that is That's fading away. I think a little bit amongst amongst players. I don't know if you know we'll see. We talked about moments in games You know. I think if. I i hope maybe when fans are back You know if you know flipping. Martin suspended for a yellow card accumulation. He would certainly be out in the crowd. He would be doesn't sound like something ever happened to him. Something that would happen to him. You'll find the. Abbot was at least once this season But you talk about. We talk about certain moments in mls You know i. I remember the moment. When christian gomez was suspended he went into the into the away section of the bar wearing argentina jersey and started banging drums Those are moments we need to really enjoy. They happen Because they are something that will probably go away as more money gets into the league as as more salaries go up bigger spenders Things like that. Go away So hopefully maybe. I'm wrong but i think you're right and i thought i thought of why is because of back. Then i think chris pontius was making seventy five thousand dollars a year and he was he was a starter maybe one fifty but he..

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