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County Plumas. Pursuant to your question that's moving out of purple into the red tear. Today. I anticipate substantial number next week and even more and the subsequent weeks. Newsome made those remarks at the site of a new federally supported mass vaccination site in Los Angeles that opened today along with a similar site in Oakland. Both sites are intended to vaccinate people in communities hit hard by the pandemic. California expects to get about 6000 doses of vaccine a day for each site that's separate from the States. Regular vaccination allotment. Meanwhile, the third mass vaccination site is opened in San Francisco, the latest being in the Bayview District, KCBS his marquee Schafer reports from SF Market in the Bay View where the site will be able to scale up to handle 1000 vaccines a day the opening of this mass vaccination side at SF Market, A wholesale produce market is all about equity, explains San Francisco mayor London Breed. We couldn't just open mega sites at Mosconi and City college and places That the probably easier for people to drive to people in the Bayview Hunters point community needed us to be here to meet them where they are. There are plenty of people who don't have cars and this southeast section of town has been disproportionately impacted by covert 19, the city's other to mass vaccination sites are pausing vaccines due to lack of supply this week. But 200 vaccines will be given here today with supply from Sutter Health Center Health's Dr Rob Nordgren. The vaccine is the pathway out of this epidemic, and we will scale up as as vaccine supply allows. The goal is to scale up to 1000 vaccines a day at this site in the Bayview District of San Francisco, Marty Shay for KCBS. California lawmaker is hoping to do away with cancel culture into new bills. Melissa Melinda's a Republican out of San Diego County, has introduced the bills to try and ban discrimination over a person's political views. Senate bill to 38, also known as the Diversity of Thought Act, seeks to add political affiliation as a protected class under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. The other bill Senate bill to 49 with the men, California's education code to prohibit discrimination, harassment, intimidation. And bullying in schools based on an individual's political affiliation. Private school in Dan Bills. Virtual Lunar New Year celebration was zoom bombed by racist language and lewd images. Mercury News reports that Bay Valley Chinese schools celebration this past Friday over Zoom was open to the public, but the event was hijacked. When people using race people used racial slurs directed toward the Chinese American community and even exposed themselves as Children were present The events emcee was able to quickly log everyone off and staff was able to later continue the meeting without disruption. Just ahead on KCBS. I'm Jeffrey shall be in Sausalito after a confrontation with the homeless police back off on plans to remove their belongings. A CBS News time 808 traffic.

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