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One catches. He was on pace in his first eight games for one hundred and sixteen catches. And then he started running the ball, more second half of the year and catching the ball less, but I still, I mean we expect eighty catches from Barclay. Yes. Okay. The Kate, and, and he's told us last week, his projections. He hasn't as the reception leader for the giants. What's the case for saquon Barkley number one overall, Dave? While we're talking about the running back that finish number one in p p r last year, number two in non and half p PR super consistent. Lots of big point totals. And he is the New York Giants offense until further. Notice offensive line has gotten better the receiving game has not necessarily gotten better of anything. It's gotten worse. So they're focused will be very much on having saquon shoulder, the load, he's young, he's strong and he's he's, he's going to get a lot of touchdown opportunities. It's going to get a lot of opportunities in General Jamie, the case against saquon Barkley. Todd Gurley sophomore season Leonard fournette sophomore season is ego Elliott sophomore season. You know, they've all struggled the last three prominent runningback taken in the top five of the draft NFL draft, their second years have been bad. He's you're but you're gonna clues economic. Well, it's still it's a part of it. There's been a downturn in production. You know, however it happened. There's been a downturn production agree with you. Obviously, it's circumstantial with him. But still it, it's. Taking although Beckham off the field. Does that make this offense? That much more predictable. The hope would be no, you know that the combination of Tate Ingram and shepherd make up the difference. And when I say that it's shepherd in Ingram's numbers. Get elevated along with Tate that it replaces the threat of Beckham. So there's not a threat of Beckham on the field. But if collectively the group is better look, the thing that you like about Barclay, or you should is manning doesn't like to throw interceptions, and he doesn't like sticks acts. So he likes to get the ball his hands quick possible and say throws. And so that's where Shurmur will put Barclay and some good spots. But I think the biggest thing for me is, you know, it started last year was soldier and Hernandez, and getting Zeitler and, and remers you know, those that group collectively should be better. Enzyme, I think is the biggest addition for saquon Barkley. Fantasy value by far. So if that run game is, is better not that it's hard to say do more than five yards per carry..

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