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I talked a little bit about who the potential and I wrote about who the potential next face of wrestling of WWE's and Bronx Romans, obviously up there. Drew McIntyre of the people who are already are on the main roster. I'm not litigating. You're not talking about annexed to. I'm not I'm not I know Keithly deserves to be on the list. But you know, we're not talking about him right now, but Simone Joe AJ styles. Daniel Bryan, you know, these are big names. But when you're looking at who's gonna fight who's gonna fight against Lennart wrestlemainia. It's like is. It McIntyre is it restriction. Is it is it Seth Ron's. And then like the after that it's like we'll maybe as dean Ambrose. There's there's a couple more body. This is the only logical choice. Well, I mean a lot of people thought it was Stroman going into the rumble. They've just fucked that up like at no mercy and a crown jewel that just the just run that into the ground by just looking back over the past year. It's like, and I wrote this this sort of like the the headliner hiding under our noses the whole time. He's been the best part of raw for year in a half. You know, he's been he's he's he's, you know, he's he's not like stone cold Steve Austin or the rock, but he's ever going to get there. But that doesn't mean he can't be just as valuable. He's like Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels fit like he's a tr-. There is no next phase of the next phase of raw, you know. Becky when she gets there. But no, it's true. I think it's it's Becky Lynch right now is the hottest is is the is the hottest thing they've got going. So I think for sure, and I think I think once you've reconciled yourself to Becky Lynch and Rhonda Rowzee, and maybe Charlotte being in the main of interesting mania, then you can go then you don't have to find you don't have to take David teeth out of the mothballs to fight right listener, you know, like you can go with a little bit more of like a quality safe bet. And also there's just like at some point. You just gotta like say, this is the guy that we got, you know, Ron's almost feels like an old in WHM paean. We're like before like in the flare in earlier days, where it's like, we're just rewarding work rewarding talent and work ethic. Yeah. He's the safest bet I think an interesting bet would have been Matt riddle having him come in. When the whole thing is incredibly believable opponent for Leser. He's got 'em may background and his vibe is so much different than less Nur's far as like. Still having that dude from big lebowski, but he gave him go. Yeah. I I think that, but you know, again, you rolling the dice with that. Because you know, he's still doesn't have the promo -bility of a Seth Rollins doesn't. He's he's he's got a little ways to go, but more green. Yeah. I think it's they do a lot of. I think you know, they'll put some they'll put people right on TV down next. But I think that I think he's probably still a little bit more in the. He's not a trainee like some of these guys. He's not he's not super green. But I think there's a little bit of personality testing going on right now with him too. Just like anybody would unless except for the real old timers like AJ styles or Samoa Joe or somebody like that. I think there's some there's a point where you're just like gotta make sure you're like, the you're going to mesh with the band, you know, and we I think it's always it's always difficult mugging it rob van Damme's career. And he was you know, he's one of my favorite wrestlers ever..

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