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Center i'm ken griffin balanceofnature traffic center on the slow inbound golf to found though is okay on the kennedy thirtyseven o'hare to downtown about thirty to back out to the airport the eisenhower about thirty seven from free due the post office twenty four from mannheim and pretty sick back to three ninety freedom mannheim stevenson thirty seventy the way from three fifty five for lakeshore drive on the dan ryan you twentyfive in seventeen about seventy nine thousand hundred because the crash if the seven looks good the bishop ford is slow inbound to the dan ryan the lakeshore drive your pockets through grand park and pretty heavy in both directions right around chicago the tollways reagan still heavy here westbound between the eisenhower and york toll plaza because of an earlier crash out there everything else pretty good am five sixty weather chance of rain high fifty three currently forty seven next update and fifteen minutes on am sixty leander five sixty the answer information from empowered investing must be heard in conjunction with important disclosures at the end of this show same disclosure can be read online at arlington dash capital dot com slash radio disclosures past performances no guarantee of future results call arlington capital at eight five five four seven one fifty seven ninety six for a pass review now back to empowered investing with the creator of that proactive asset allocation strategy joe lopresti on this segment i wanna talk about how you can identify potential market trends and turning points and isolate potential market leaders in our opinion if you have the right tools and the right.

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