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Is probably not the best day for outdoor long expansion. Air quality will be unhealthy. Once again in many Lake County Valley areas, The MD is forecasting unhealthy air for everyone in the East and Gabriel Valley, Pomona, Walnut Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley and the San Gabriel Mountains. Air quality is forecast to be unhealthy for sensitive individuals in the San Fernando Valley and West San Gabriel Valley. People who live or work in those areas and have heart disease, asthma or other respiratory diseases are advised to minimize outdoor activities. Bill Seward Ko Phi News. The first day of a life sentence has arrived for the Golden State killer. Orange County D a taught, Spitzer says Joseph D'Angelo will now pay for destroying the lives of so many. You got to be on his boat, blow out birthday candles, all his granddaughter, but all the time in the back of his mind, he knew He knew. You again. D'Angelo plated, guilty toe 13 murders and admitted to 50 rapes. His crime spree started in the mid seventies and ran through the mid eighties, He was finally caught in 2018. Some black live matter. Activists and Pasadena want more oversight of police. An oversight proposal is expected to come before City Council on Monday. But some activists are skeptical. That's why we're out here occupying Pasadena City Hall and this activist says he wants the City Council to adopt what he calls a really oversight panel. Well, not one that puts police oversight under the jurisdiction of the city manager. Calls for oversight were amplified by the shooting of a black man by police last weekend. In Pasadena, Chris and Carl. Okay. If I news, Los Angeles County will have to pay more than $1.3 million in a political settlement. The payment will settle claims the county illegally used taxpayer funds to pay for advertisements Touting to tax hike ballot measures sponsored by the county Board of Supervisors. Both ballot measures passed. And trouble in Hollywood on the 101. About found just before Hollywood Boulevard. You'll see brake lights there, and traffic is pretty heavy and see you get so about the 1 10 Anaheim Hills on the 91 westbound Once you get to imperial highway, you'll see some stop and go traffic, But that clears up.

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