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It's going to be good series getting shohei in the series or no the bus again not getting shohei There's a solid champions that missing the bus anyway But we're not getting to see him on the mound. That's okay. I believe we've got Dylan bundy andrew. Heaney and the canning is who the as will be seen Look mass asi big part of why the angels are hot right now. He's swinging about very well during this stretch. we're gonna get. I had a little exchange back and forth with mark. Group is up who is the color analyst phenomenal color analyst For the angels. And he talked about. Jared walsh coming into town. Squaring off against matt olsen two guys who play a very important defensive position in this day and age and have produced at a wonderful clip. Jared walsh just a tick really behind mendelssohn across the board in production slight advantage in batting average i think while she's in to ninety one but After that he you know just behind only in a lot of the other offensive categories and being able to watch him along with Along with the rest of this halo squad is going to be exciting just to see kind of why they're playing or why they're winning the games that they're winning and like i told you i think a lot of it has to do with the way. Justin upton has been hitting the ball to the last two weeks. Justin upton is hitting three sixty one with a thirteen thirty six opie that is the fifth highest. Opiates and major league baseball over that span just in the month of june just in the month of june. It's pretty good. I mean fuck and you just look up and down here. And it's like staticy thirteen eighty one. He's fourth The majors in this month upton in his fifth and then you go down to tenth shohei ohtani eleven seventy eight. The angels have been hitting the ball. It's a matter of whether or not they're going to be able to pitch at the same time corrobos. Yeah they don't. They haven't figured that out yet they will. Eventually i feel like we will get to a point where the angels realize. You do need pitching in order to succeed at the major league level and when they get their look the fuck out i just wish i really do for angels fans. I wish that. Like and. I'm sorry if i if i say this in this offense you and it hurts our feelings but you didn't need anthony window. No you didn't know you didn't. I think that was panicked. Pivot after losing out on garrett cole and we talk about micky calloway's presence being a potential deterrent for the angels and a trevor bauer union. That really sucks to considering how that played out and it just like fuck man. It feels like the angels fucked that up. I'm sorry like it. We can continue to talk about how they haven't had the success in the pitching front but it kind of feels like you haven't had success in landing pitching on the pitching front to help the pitching front which is a little strange like it shouldn't be that hard to lur a pitcher to california and really and like how. Come on especially with what you've got now. As far as the supporting offense of cast look like. Hey we have mike trout shohei otani and california weather sound good. Oh and all the money that you were asking for. Even though they didn't have all the money that garrett cole is asking for what was their excuse for that. I mean if that's the guy that kind of puts you over the top. And i could understand like i said before about the toronto blue jays. I one of the toronto blue jays to be on on garrett cole and it's like well at that point we don't exactly know what we have now. We do like the blue jays have one of the best if not the best offenses in baseball. So it's like you know if garrett kohl's free agency came around now instead of back then. I feel like they should have been way more aggressive but with the angels. They're kind of in. That position was like yeah. We definitely know what we have offensively like. We're not waiting for anyone to see if they can bloom into a superstar player that we know what we got. So that supplement that bullet let let me. Let me stop you there. Because a guy. Like jared walsh coming on to the scene in in the way he has this year. I don't know if that's something that they fully accounted for. Because walsh is a luxury what's that he was he's a he's a luxury he's like. Hey look we found talking about talk. Shohei otani and mike. Trout are responsible for over fucking eighty five percent of their offensive production until upton started swinging. Well and isn't it crazy that we talk about the angels offense and we don't even really mention rundown people just forget he's on the team ugali. What three hundred million dollars right. What did he get like to eighty something. No to forty five to forty. That's fucking crazy like when we talked about the angels. Hey come on out to see the angels. They've got x. they've got y they've got z. No one anthony run down crazy for threes and forty five million dollars. Let's just say like all right. Let me ask you. We'll do this exercise. And i know you didn't have time to prepare for this. But two hundred forty five million dollars goes to anthony rundown on a seven year deal in the season going into the two thousand twenty season..

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