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I mean he's fine. Okay. About a size, it's fine dis no matter, no size, Matt. If you can get a job done. Member. God, y'all need to grow up. I mean, he's fine, but I just think that I don't know what you'd have to give up for him is the whole question. I think that's what happens when you play. Let's make a deal on the radio. What people can hear what you're saying. Yeah, we heard exactly what you. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. She heard it on the air too. Got to be careful. Daniel. Hilton anyway, but we all in agreement that a arm at least one on needs to be acquired. Correct. That already second, just just reiterating by the second wave of the trade waivered. Waivered right now would be good to do. It starts activating your phone calls and figuring out what I'll see what I can do by Monday, you know. Right. 'cause I'm sure that they realize the ideal one. Here's one is the one, but the New York Mets have Syndergaard and Jake ground who I believe leads the NL and ERA. Yeah, we can go get one in okay, but they but they're only nine or thirty was within pulled him in. They pulled him back. That will be, but we'd have to give up a lot to get one down, but that's an eighth rate. There is still good who for because he's they're all good syndergaard's still doing well. Yeah, but the grandma is doing. He just gets no run support. He has the best. The are a realistic is, but they were on a market at one point, it is somewhat realistic. Probably asking for a boatload till knows no years. Yeah, let's try and there's nothing wrong. We only can do say no, right? I mean, just because all they can do this, I know when your contract is up here ESPN all they going to say. No, that's true. And then you say, no, okay, that's Wego sandwich. You. No, no, that's Kevin Belgium. Kelvin Benjamin us. You're listening to k as loss Angeles. LeBron James? Yes. Has. Dennis, I workout Nelson do, and people were marveling at his body, speaking of physical fitness and health, and he is a bastion of both physical fitness and health right now, he is look like he's bulked up. Some. He looked stronger, got popcorn muscles right now, and that's good that. Yeah, thanks. That to me indicates he's ready to play the four, the five, that maybe that. Royal lineup, let's call it the Royal lineup because ain't gonna know deadline of you that the Royal line out maybe something he truly is intrigued in potentially utilizing at times. Well, keep pointing out, which is obviously wanted to correct. This is not even the preseason and anyone who's ever worked out knows that you can start off real pumped. Right. But then as the day goes on your muscles kind of return to normal well because of the season, he might have come out of the white rooms or you're saying. You may have or you just booked up at a certain weight before game one, but by game fifty because you can't keep working out like that. Keep the weight up. Yeah, you begin to to lose it. So maybe he's gearing up early understanding that by, you know, fifty of the six game in a season news about somehow how in doing the course of the season, you know, lift nowhere near heavy right. So you know the pitcher looks great is still awesome to see him with that LA jersey on his body basketball, but I really liked was the energy that I saw these in terms of the still shots from the other players. But some of my Brandon wasn't all, but coups looked like he was like going on, we bought to do this, you know, you can see like, and, and I mean, if you have a quarterback that like Tom Brady or drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers and your wide receiver, you just walk out on the field with a certain kind of energy, because you know you've got that dude. Correct. And it's just like looking at the pictures there on the court and they're like, oh, yeah, we straight, we the broad. All I gotta do is keep up a little bit with them, but we got that dude..

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