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I was doing a little research which we try not to do on this program. The farthest blindfolded american football field goal is forty. Five yards achieve by davis brief from hanover. New hampshire back in two thousand eighteen. He is a been kicking since fifth grade. And he wiped out the previous record holder. Pat mcafee justin tucker should be able to do that like just walking out on the field. Like knock that out. Pre-game just come and now he can't blindfold and then people say oh look at him. He doesn't he's taken it or he. So cocky here's something did not know but doing a little more research here. Since twenty fifteen the ravens have attempted to hundred and twelve field goals including the postseason on every single one of those attempts. They've had the same snapper long snapper. Same holder. same kicker justin tucker all right. It's that point of the program where neither love or you hate it. But i embrace it because it's todd fritz and whatever todd does you know i i don't like but i do love all right. Todd let me go. Let me ask seton mock headlines today for todd fritz. What do you think the topic is. Snow snow mclovin. I think the name's jt stone tyson flurry are about to read bull. Maybe for next week police. I thought the same but just to be different. Say james harden james harden ding ding ding ding ding ding ding. So todd here. We go todd with marquette. Do we have mock headline music here. We have anything yes boy is he gonna use between a rock and a hard in place because it's poll. That's let it unfold. I mean that's the beauty of todd's mock headlines here just realized that is exactly eight of them because people are concerned about what he eh eight recently so it just worked out that. Wow that's a shop. And i've no one to talk a by put on a few which i'm not proud of okay here. We go here todd with mark headlines a wait and see approach to where hardened goes spelled w. e. i g. h. t. if following along god it wait and sequoia okay strip club sandwiches to blame for sluggish star. Strip clubs that bad habits workable. We'll get them beard belly. Hardin looking soft Beard like what. I do until i got his silence between a rocket and a hard place so he guessed that it was hard as the topic and guess what are the actual headlines basket case will anything may happy He's been a main stage there but hardened ready to leave. You stood a portion to the main stage. Okay okay final to to put you guys out of your misery. James prepared to leap wall for another team. John wall. Okay exactly quiet. And he's ready to get past the rocket dealing with walker. And the last one is lap chance beard once opportunity elsewhere and thank god most strip clubs serviceable gone all right so those are a mock headlines strip club sandwiches to blame. You're saving the good stuff for next wednesday day for next wednesday players from an coaches from one thousand nine hundred six to nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven all right airline california..

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