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Hey everyone I'm Eddie. Murphy race host of this is uncomfortable new podcast for marketplace that explores the thing. We're always in her feelings over but don't really know how to talk about money. This is a story song podcast that digs into things like how someone can feel like an imposter when they move from one socioeconomic class to another or why so many people lie about what's in their bank account full even teach you to ask everyone know about how much they make and just to be clear. This is not a personal finance podcast. It is a podcast about life and how money mess with it. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts. There's marketplace podcast is brought to you by Goldman Sachs. Did you know over eighty percent of e C dollars. I went all male founding teams last year. Goldman Sachs is working to change this because they know that investing in women is smart business. That's the idea behind launch with. GS Goldman Saks commitment to invest five hundred million dollars in women led companies and investment managers to help close the gender investing gap recognizing the power of community. Goldman Sachs is also so billion global network of business leaders to help drive change learn more at gs dot com slash launch with GS and by American Express. You said Yes to opening your I business. Yes to turning an idea into reality yes to earning your first dollar yes to earning many more yet your I like that wasn't for mom and said yes two invoices so many voices now say yes to your first American Express Business Card yes to choosing from cards including ones with no annual fee yes to payment flexibility and yes to solutions for growing business. Get the powerful backing of American Express don't do business without it rates and fees apply learn more at American Express. Dot Com slash no dash annual dash fee. This is marketplace. I'm Kai Ryssdal most days on this program. If you're one of those who listens listens to the numbers all the way through and remind me to tell you my theory about that one but if you usually do listen all the way through you most as you say something like bonds rose the yield on the tenure Tino the one point six eight percent just because I say it though doesn't mean everybody gets it or what it means so for today's installment of our series kyw explains where we take things real slow to explain what's really going on the bond market. Hey Chi Chi hi hi. You recently asked what's going on with economy. So how do these two concepts work together. I WanNa know what's going on in this economy. The bond market is a pretty good place to start. Bonds are in their most basic form. I owe us the city or the federal government or a company sells bonds John's those US sometimes called debt with the promise that after a certain period of time called the maturity date. You'RE GONNA get your money back plus some interest that the interest is called the yield and there are all kinds of different bonds out there yielding different things we mostly pay attention to order called treasuries its debt bet did issued to investors by the US Treasury to fund our deficit. That's Kathy Bus Johnson. She's the chief financial economist at Oxford Economics. The bond market or the Fixed Income Market reacts very closely with changes in economic news or data did a like a monthly Salihi Employment Payroll data or consumer price data or published by the Bureau Labor Statistics or in a nutshell a lot of the economic essentials as you hear US talk about on this program now within all the different kinds of treasuries. There are government bonds. You can buy that mature a couple of days all the way out to thirty years and within that there is one bond that we watch the most if you're a US consumer or US investor the ten year Treasury note is probably the first benchmark to keep an eye on Ryan Phillips. He's at sage vast wealth management. It's really a general barometer of interest rates in the economy because does and here we go back to Catholic ransack. The tenure yield will reflect current economic activity expectations for future economic activity also expectations for future interest rates set by the interest rate path for the Federal Reserve. Expectations is the key word there because once the government sells its bonds. Investors Traders really bond traders. Take a look at the economy and ask not how are things going right now. But how do we think things are. GonNa be economically in the next couple of months and years and that is why the bond market is really the one to watch. There is so so much to explain in this economy. Let us know what you want to know. You can do that at marketplace dot org or you can tweet me. I'm at Cairo..

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