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As i can and i will give a my app salute everything however if it's a long distance i'm like well where am i running. Why why doing it. And when am i going to get there so i only did it for the exams and i still remember a right like now. There wasn't examined will have to do how many laps around the stadium And because i knew it was to get the mocks to get the school. I gave my absolute everything. I didn't get the best mark by collapsed at the end of the at to bring a medical personnel. Because they thought something's really wrong with me. I was so out of breath. I was so i couldn't breathe a collapsed. I gave my absolute thing. Just she was ho competitive. You are cafe isn't it. it definitely does. Maybe since then i kind of kept away from it. But then i love nature and i love going out on the walks walks always been in my family. We would go full long walks and Jaren locked vissel nelson. What would you do. How do we keep fit especially being a dancer going from hundred miles an hour. Exercising all the time to now being stuck at home. I thought this is it. They says the moment for me to embrace it. Give a guy and hopefully for love for bed and my first run. I think i was. It was pathetic. Everything was hurting. I felt like i was hundred years old i had. I realized that don't have proper headphones. So had to have a little phone ear earphones in and then put a hood over it and then to keep it in place. I had to put like fake cat. Ferns over the top of it. 'cause they don't they followed sue easily to exactly the little ones especially with my ears. I don't know i guess is all different shapes it. Just don't stay so hard to stop squash them between the hood and like these big massive headphones that don't work anymore and try to fit in with the you know the crowd a very experienced runners but you know the catchy. I actually ran a whom hours and ones with uis rubbish. Little foon here earphones. That don't stay in and older on top. Because as i can't run without music not twenty six miles but these earphones. Doing stay in and these earphones. Don't work so i'm gonna have to try. Make something exactly so. I wanna do when you first went for your iran because obviously you must have decided one day. Today's the day. I'm going to go for a run. Yes i did. I did and i put on the gym clothes on. I put my trainers on. And what i realized after put too much clothes on. I didn't think i'm gonna get so mom. And now i understand all the people who are on in their shorts. You know all..

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