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At ten eight high definition thank you for joining us i'm christina leavenworth our top story this weather what you're seeing right now is from home homes county we are to hurt we are being told that a tornado ripped through homes county causing trees to come down and according to their county emergency management eleven homes were damaged in two of them only sustain sustaining major damage and only minor injuries have been reported and on my gosh it just seems like a won't stop and i think everyone is sick and tired of it meteorologist ashley re has the very latest on this system coming through yes casinos some of those storms roll through west florida as well and became torn at at the one that caused that tornado warning homes county and so it rushed through hearing were still theme lots and lots of rain heavy rain but pensacola right now starting to see just the lull in the rain before some more rain moves into the heaviest of the rain actively right now moving into walton county destined still getting plenty of it but notice to our north west northern escambia county and you have a line starting to set up that is associated with the leading edge of this cold front that has been taking days it feels like to move on through here so let's talk a little bit about the rain totals i mean wow within the last twenty four hours you can see and this is not even when the beginning of the rain began to keep that in mind okaloosa county destin round five to seven or more inches of rain within the last twenty four hours and then pensacola round three and a half inch is perhaps around five inches closer to the beaches of course and then we do still have some more rain on the way we do have that flood watch in effect through midnight of course outbreak it all down for you coming up in just a few minutes and speaking of that rain pensacola mardi gras parade barely dogs the rain yesterday but earlier today the crew of wreck sprayed on pensacola beach not so lucky channel reached marla phillips has more good morning was host the building on whether rain or shine president of.

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