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I have to agree would would oscar wilde and at the at the art is art i think morality plays intuited towards of what we're going to do with that art how we circulated are would kind of meanings we derive from that art um i i always like to think that the artist cure the artists are not pure no no regarded zenno unb right you're right but the artisan as an expression of this particular persons particularly entity of being trying to express something artistic of course everything that gets expresses an art and and that's a another part of the conversation writer who gets to choose what his arden what is it you know i've been wrestling ray kelly as i wrestled with miles davis has you can wrestle with marvin gaye um james rouse note and change browner i is no defence of kelly upward currently does exist in a in a fundamentally different you know media contacts um were we know so much more about our kellyanne in some ways because he has let us know so much more about kelly then we would ever know about you know marvin gained james brown or bill withers in ill beyond what would have been a jet magazine article you know thirty five years ago very often when i look at mr kelly and and what he individually represents it's as much an indictment of who he is is a human being as it is for people who have supported him and and that's where you for me it was the final break up a one of those folks who xe thinks that when you look at his body of work there is some art there right this sure isn't just a dude who was trying to make hits um but it some point the fact that he become such discount felling compelling figure that folks continue the go back and support him that's as much an indictment about us and and what we're willing to accept in our artists as it is as much an indictment of who he is there's this area in it especially in popular culture i think.

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