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News talk seven sixty wjr detroit overcast thirty seven degrees good morning ken rogulski wjr news a fourteen year old former student is behind the emails threatening to blow up mile in high school the message read that multiple bombs were in the school a thorough search of the building though found no explosive devices at all of fourteen year old former student of mile in high school has in trouble in the case could be forwarded to the prosecutor meantime a monroe middle school student is facing possible charges after bringing a grenade to school and threatening to blow up the place police were called to the school after the students showed the device to another student made threatening statements the school resources officers searched the locker and did discovered the grenada knows that had been modified to make it incapable of blowing up the student was removed from class and arrested he's been placed in the monroe county youth center for possession of an explosive device today marks the start of the meteorological spring calender but john trout explains winter weather is forecast for the great lakes and the northeast a winter storm watch for most of new york state and a portion of eastern pa is in effect syracuse binghampton utica in scranton pa are expecting between five and nine inches of snow flakes begin today through the day tomorrow i'm meteorologist john trout a winter weather advisory in effect now until four a m four wayne makombe counties and four awash watched in awe leno way and monroe counties a winter storm warning which means it's going to come is in effect for oakland livingston counties uh oakland county could get as much as five eight maybe even nine inches of snow makombe detroit's wayne county in the other counties could get three to six inches of snow and it certainly looks like marches coming in like a lion fists flew and tempers raged at an asian cornedbeef restaurant on ration avenue when a customer didn't receive what was ordered manager j von martin says the irate patron charged in the kitchen of the custom crap my general manager has a.

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