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And to have played with team usa for a while on the select teams and from there one of the coaches so was a college coach and i'm just gonna go clear junior and he shared with my parents said a you know get a complete scholarship and in addition to that an education so i ended up but finishing my high school year after in the summer my uh senior in the summer much to college played to bischel one charki uh at the age of seventeen and northern michigan university yet the age of seventeen and then i was drafted into the national hockey league signed quit boston started klay there and played a few exhibition games no was sent to the minor who tortuing ada kind of a brash decision to chase money and i went over to europe which kinda messed up my nhl career where did you play in europe a clear doing uh in france said file a couple of different places in the alps as well as outside of paris and in a town called we want and then i also went in each tell way over into germany which is known as the second best leaked to the national hockey league right now yeah very very strongly germany a discovery uh over there are a few years ago that the team in uh dusseldorf uh and most people don't realize how popular professional hockey is in germany you ended up in 1994 at the winter olympics in lillehammer norway representing france what are your find his memories of that experience how will it would have to be you know do the night that we played sweden uh they beat us i believe five or six two two one but i did get the only.

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