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Playing the head of the Ku Klux Klan, I really like to star is born a fucking love stars boring. That was good. We're listening to the soundtrack yesterday. I made them listen to it. It's so good. The new Halloween was fucking awesome. I heard that was good. Also, I'm big nerd, I loved the vendors movie. So then Finnigan that was to opinion right now. Don't do this. I'm done. I'm out I'm done with superhero movies on you. I'm out on the DC. It happened at the last vendors. Okay. It was I never even saw it because I could care fucking nice end. It's about rings that control the power in the universe. Like. Yeah. What about like Lord of the rings yet? But the Lord of the rings. Oh, you're you're clocking eighteen movie expanded your hopping on your high horse. Cinematic storytelling of Lord of the rings isn't better than marvel universe. I'll I'll fight you over that. Okay. Well, Oregon is the true king of all right? King of the north the north like most LA north north England is liberal. Yes. Martin the north the north. So it was Manchester United there in the north. Oh. Oh, good. All right. So should we are talking about some games are any music amount? You like I. I I've been on the super old country kick. Okay. Merle a lot of that is junior doesn't it? I've heard of him Willie. I've been heard of him. I've been listening to fogging Adam Jackson Davidenko. So I've been listening to like twangy fucking country. Fucking hick. Yeah. He doesn't look. Look like C minus version of Davison and that guy's already ugly. So I yeah, I looked deep. Yeah. I'm I'm Nate plus me. I really liked music wise, push a t obviously, I've Leary mentioned a pastor. But Daytona that seven track album perfect T are wack. She's from Philly. She released an album knows fifteen songs, and they're all one minute long. So it's a fifty minute album fucking phenomenal. She's grey. I really like Paul Williams surf music that was good turn style. That's a hardcore band came out the good album this year, the kind of remind me of what's it called the beastie, boys. They there's like, I don't know. The really listen in the years, but they came out really good album. Go back. They. Oh, was it. Good. It's really fucking great. It takes you back. Does you guys still married ever Levin? I remember this breaks, my heart. Every time. I hear that. I've I remember I found that out when I was like eighteen understand. Why it hurt me? The way it hurt me way. More. Now it hurts every year like after. Holy shit. Smart brain. Yeah. That was like some twenty eighteen highlights are things we really liked didn't like, what's your least favorite moment of the twenty eighteen year in soccer in soccer, the racism. There was so much racism this year and soccer what the fuck. I I just like I don't understand from monkey chance to bananas being thrown. It's just ridiculous. I think like I always think we're getting better. But like, then I see humanity and give gimme another reason to think like, no, we're not getting better. Like, these keep giving me reason. Like, it's like, you're fucking son. And you keep being you keep going back to rehab. I have to keep sending you. You know, it's just the fucking disease racism is the disease and needs to be fucking. What's it called eliminated that way better too? That in terms of world soccer that really bummed me out. I very disappointed in the award system this year as well..

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