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It made in america we he sort of stomped on that one there were a couple of other american heroes moc on my favorite a pictorial yuli the caption is general john kelly standing in the background with his own squads if you could just look at this picture i heard you to caps i haven't seen that i've disease mnuchin and elaine chao kind of standing there going and how can we get out of your earned we're not that far from the elevator that if they open can we just generally result general john kelly with his arms crossed lean back against the wall of this head down you don't even need a captured under that he is like how kid what what is that what am i doing you hold a get this gig what in the world is going on alarm relief say that's a good people are wondering how much will only general kelly but the other generals that uh that president trump tells general h r mcmaster general mattis i i don't know i made the butler at this point is who his big bigs question who can talk to president trump who has the availability to talk to him although the it's why i think anybody can talk two which is a part of the problem would i be anybody who would listen to i don't know that is out some of us thought added coming in that probably jarrett since he's his subtler elicits him could or ivanka but i don't even know if they could because ivanka's tweet is so different but after what happened this week that her father state i've said this before i'll say it again president trump for when he was donald trump in new york it was about getting attention great and he still seems to think that he thinks that it's just a one day story in the splashed on the front page of the tabloids and it moves arnold delhi angry here's a wider reinsurance heat doesn't understand that he's not speaking for donald trump head of the trump group or whatever the hell it is that he is the president of the united states and then he care at the end of the.

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