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Is not a liberal conservative the conservative position obviously is that roe v wade should be overturned now the question is and i asked my the first caller i asked the question is someone comes on their who's as conservative as as as expected and now there are five justice five conservative justices the question is will they then overturn roe v wade the point you keep saying conservative justice full they're looking at it the wrong way we're looking at a constitutionalist we're talking about somebody's to uphold the constitution well okay look look at the reality is liberal seat because surely are oh sure everybody fox everybody else calls them the conservative wing supreme court i got it but i'm not talking about fuss i this just me and you talking what i'm saying to you is is if you put somebody on it and just go to uphold the constitution w states of america i'm fine with it i can care less about the ideology but you couldn't go down the list okay we the definition of what what's what's the upholding the constitution rob it's supposed to be a conservative he of held obamacare this is what i'm trying to actually against the constitution no no actually his his position if justice roberts position on obamacare which quite frankly if you follow it through is is is there's no longer reason for for obamacare and the reason is his argument was that it was a revenue based system that they'd had a revenue based component and the and and and the the president had the right to develop something that was revenue base and that was the holy the individual mandate which is a tax related thing that reality is what happened after that is now the under the tax law the the the individual mandate is is no longer there so if you follow justice roberts argument that it was it was legitimate because of the of the mandate with the mandate gone then almost he's almost forced into position of having to say that the rest of obamacare has to go that's an argument we're going to break the tom moore short fallen nine two two six six eight we'll be back in a minute after we make some money for us and radio station.

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