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Drake Rick Ross Nicomedes great Hey JT be a on the twenty some of six I never you want to be found one for him all right right right don't want but they don't book for you a certain how go to I got all the money they don't because the white folks don't big size by thanks I will buy the money loan have a money back I'm a mom to make one big size no but Everytime proper no propaganda sub account to go yard bend down it's such a lot of like Santa a party in a like a dinosaur you know the satellite yeah so bad call role Hey would close down the folks with stock loan unless you got something right take small you thank the end of World thank you know bye bye baby so the money alone the money you bye for now I'm a mom to make one by Big Bang side banks by big banks I okay what you're going to I said I'm a do me B. I. G. everything's own damn big bag on me like a like a move in and got my foot in the door and we still here I'm a first generation a million having a pass in the morning just passing through the wall is now widely the package you boys log cabin more calling there's a portable healthcare one a well from welfare I saw my Daddy used to Ames yeah those are my bottoms with three point that okay awesome but you got to write about it and it says the so the money you have the money back I'm a mom to make one I know by big banks I back to gene Bess may backstep that ends slim shady back and once the could Kim said it's crunch time at the moment yes national and magic then she can imagine them but to make these bombs that didn't get back then I need to pack the my back the debt yes again yeah but the band thank thank you bye bye bye for now that.

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