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To take the iron throne, and then you hear seen from this other very strong. You could say problematic in many ways, quite wicked evil woman, Searcy Lancaster with, with a couple of human moments. Over the seasons. She's played by Lena. Healy a Hiti excuse me. She's reassuring her her assistant, a play by Anton lesser that her forces will not be defeated feet. Hold back today. You're on killed one of dragons, he can get enough. You're Gratiot and fleet Vinnie the gates have been breached. The golden come our men will fight harder than sell. Cels EPA could. They will defend the Queen to the last man, this agrees and read keeps never Phoolan. It won't full today. Search Lancaster wrong, of course, and by not surrendering her city, she's insurance, the death of so many of her her former subjects, it's also too late for her. What do you make James Poniewozik of this concern about the way in which women were given in some ways, incredibly strong roles fascinating story, lines, interesting character development and the way in which their stories have unspoiled here in the final season. Yeah. I, I think what you what your caller is getting yet, is, is the character half in, in my last response, where, you know, I said that in the big in the big picture of the final run of the show seems to make sense on the level of individual characters. It often doesn't I think that this is honestly affected male and female characters in game of thrones. In that, like a lot of the storytelling has been sort of flattened out and rushed. But I think that the female characters, you know, when you sort of simplify and lose the threat of their characters, it's sort of, it's sort of more harmful than it has a greater impact because it plays into already existing harmful stereotypes. You know, like, you know, the, the emotional female leader, federal, you know, like like, like you're caller was saying, you know, in the case of dearest, -tarian, you have a character who was characterized. Over several seasons, not as just, you know, an unambiguous heroin, you know, she was she was sort of, you know, of a best ironic headstrong could be very brutal and unforgiving, to her enemies. But also, you know, shown to be very idealistically motivated, somebody who you know, head a sense, and sort of sense of mission to try to be a better ruler than the rulers that came before her. And you know, I sort of feel like you know, I don't I don't need deniro's you know to, to be the absolute heroin. You know, I think that, you know. Seriously, Lancaster has often been a very well complicated villain on the show in past seasons you know, sort of a villain who's shown to have reasons for that. But you, you, you need to draw it out. Well, in a way that this turn makes sense if you're going to do that, I think that for a number of reasons often, I think there is a sense in, in this last season of the, the creators, just sort of having having an ending in mind. And then just reverse engineering to get there as fast as possible. You know where it just becomes, well, we're going to drop a few, hints and then she goes crazy. You know. And that's that's bad character, drawing regardless and with women. It's especially pernicious because this is playing into a stereotype of emotional, unstable women. Let's take a couple of quick calls here Detroit. Michigan. Aaron tell us what you think about the show. Hi nice for taking my call. I love the show from the beginning to the end of the comment that the yesterday's mate, that's ridiculous. Because it was a it was surprising that. Because her character, and how compassionate she had been throughout you know, that's, that's what fans like we like to be surprised. I thought it was devastating, and I was totally aboard, but I was grateful for, for that type of writing, but the be interactions throughout from the beginning, the NFL action would the nearest in her brother, the interaction with the, the whisper the and the door. I mean the relationship between Jamie and his brother. You know, the little hints in the intrigue throughout we I saw when she got into the hot water..

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