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But division among you just so you know just a moment here mike just a moment ago. You were saying that You'll what y'all should have done is who should have told them doesn't the israelites. Slavery's bad universally don't ever do it And even if that would have caused con division and made it harder for them to follow him caution. Monotheism cars huge division and problems with the israelites. So why not just stop slavery. Why not just other things on top of it. Why keep that in the loop but again truth divides if you when you go and you proclaim true and and and you and others don't agree and you don't just go. Well i guess it was a bad idea for me to proclaim truth because it's caused division and people are upset now You simply go ahead of the proclaiming it and so like people is bad with me that if if you believe something is true you should stick by it even if other people don't and y'all should have stuck with it right in the beginning that owning property is not a good idea and i am and again. I would argue that. If you look at the through history who some of the strongest abolitionist anti-slavery people were who finally got it. done someone. Like william wilberforce in england and in eighteen in the eighteen hundreds led the strong christian. Strong even jellicoe led the charge against slavery. He was motivated to do that. Because the bible was very clear to him that everyone is created in god's image in slavery Was not something that was acceptable. In christians led the charge against slavery after centuries of using the bible to promote there are. There are certainly many christians who misinterpreted the bible. Ms supporting slavery absolutely misinterpreted. absolutely i. Because i've read some of the stuff that the southern slave owners in the us wrote in the eighteen hundreds. Because i wanted the courses. I teach school. I teach american history as we look at some of these things lots fun and yeah so and so there's there's this They did not make good use of the bible. They cherry picked a few verses And and sort of took it as that. This is saying that slavery supposed to be here forever universally and they completely miss. for example. The book of fi leeman were paul sends. Anisa's back defy. Leamington tells him don't accept them back just as a slave but as your brother in christ. I can't wink wink nudge. No i don't ever in whatever make it blatant man you charge it to me. Oh by the way. I'm going to be coming and i wanna guestroom ready for me. Paul was telling him. I expect you to treat this guy exactly the same way you would treat me. That's not promoting slavery at all that one little spot that one little spot but there's so much that says read the whole letter. That paul road i mean but even even other letters. We're we're paul. Where see one of the neat things here. A lot of people miss this. Is that the word that is translated. Often servant or bond servant of the new testament is the word. Do los and it's actually just simply the word slave and so a lot of bible translations in often you'll see a little footnote and it's kind of neat to follow those We're we're at talks about slaves. That's the word delos. But when it's talking about servants of jesus. When paul talks about the way that he is a servant of christ jesus he's actually literally saying a slave of christ jesus and so when paul is saying when he's saying to to christians that that we are slaves of christ We the basically equating us..

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