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Thank you for that. Not in front of your TV watching Monday night football, a couple of things bombs at just pulled up here. They're down three driving get it into Bronco territory. He's got a tough third down conversion gets forced out of the pocket is sprinting to his left. So he's the right handed quarterback. So he's going to have to throw across his body. Just about to be taken down as he gets close to decide line switches the ball to his left hand throws about an eight yard strike to an open receiver. Who turns it up fielding just about gets the first down as third Nate somewhere. Thereabouts. Made a helluva play going to the left switching hands and throw in a strike. The following a set of downs and nothing I'm I down penalty on second penalty on third down facing second and thirty second and dirty twenty three yard completion gets into third and seven makeable down and takes another shot at the kid goes to complete play. Then he throws the ball downfield got a wide open wide receiver hits imperfectly in stride halibut catch by wide receiver. He actually falls even though he's behind the defense. It'd be it'd been able to keep his feet. He would've got into the end zone. Instead he goes out of bounds at about. I guess it was the eight yard line. Kansas City has it. First and goal inside the ten first play from scrimmage, look like a Bronco guy jumped he connects with Kelsey in the end zone. Kelsey makes the catch. It comes down out of bounds. And got crushed on the play. He's right now on the field recovering. He's down and out. He did hold onto the football made alva- catch they correctly called it a nine catch because he didn't he didn't get his feet down in the end zone. Hard hit by the Broncos secondary person. Kelsey got up mood and then went back down to the ground again. But there's been an unbelievable drive-by Mahomes. First and go from the five because the play was ruled offside Bronco jumped got back. They got a free play out of it. Kelsey almost scored a touchdown. But it was worried because he was out of bounds. But the Broncos the chiefs are in position to at least tie with a field goal. Touchdown would put them ahead under two minutes to play. So we've got a good one going on Monday night football any other NFL stuff. You want to bring to the table. Open phones recipe. Our eight five five two one two four two two seven. I appreciate Mark. From south Philly hanging tough. With me, Mark, you're on CBS sports radio. Back man. How you be good, man. Great. So go to kind of pick you back off of what the guy from Bleacher report was discussing. I think it's very invoked right now that Jon Gruden eight and it's it's tiny strange. Was this raiders offense is only second to the Rams in point yards gained on offense this year? They've they've broken all types of franchise records on offense in the first four weeks. They just put up forty five on the Browns who had it lit up within twenty one all year, and they played some good teams. You know, there's a lot of new pieces with the raiders, it's a complex system. It takes some time to get used to it. It's no surprise to me that they're off to a slow start. But maybe that's the type of team that kind of comes out of nowhere and makes a run. Okay. But what say it's a complex system. That's doing well on offense the explanation on defense. Sons Khalil Mack. And that's what you just talked about what this Monday night game. Here comes Patrick Mahomes bringing his team down the field to win the game. Who's the Broncos highest paid player? Von Miller is he making the play this game. You know, they don't have the big franchise quarterback. They're paying like a franchise quarterback. Is he gonna win this game for them? No they needed another touchdown to win this game. They didn't have the firepower to get it. Not going to close this thing out. There you go touchdown cheese. Understood. And yes, it's a quarterback's league. I get that. But the bottom line is rate is the one in three right? And if there were a couple of calls that had gone correctly. I think Carlos Hyde spot call was just ridiculously bad for them to give them the first down then overturned after watching the videotape replay made no sense to me whatsoever. Now, I wasn't on the field. I didn't have the I level. Look, you are certainly cast to whatever camera angle. You get looked at me like the guy obviously out of first down at the key calling a game that went against the Browns. They could have won that game Chuckie could be on four. So you can give me the stats. All you want about the offense. They're one and three and they could have been on four, and they could have been excuse me to and to also they lost on time expiring field goal to the Broncos in Denver and the wheels kind of fell off down in Miami. But they weren't winning that game to last week. Right. They don't yesterday was the first time they finished well all year that they had the chance late and made the most of it. And I I'm a Chucky guy, I like Gruden I've always been a Gruden guy. Some of his broadcast stuff was a little over the top for me. But does a very good assistant coach Jim head coach you can never take the Super Bowl win off his resume. I root for guys like dick Romeo who left for a long time. And then came back. Maybe it's the old head thing. I got going, but I would like to see Chucky do well, but I think he made a boneheaded trade and don't kid yourself. He was the driving force behind it when they gave up Khalil Mack. You say you can't pay a defensive player that kind of money. All it hasn't kept the bears from going three and one so far. So pay Khalil Mack. All that money hasn't deterred them. It's a long season the raiders could turn out to be much better. You may be right. The bears could go backwards. I may be proven wrong. But right now the team that acquired a Khalil Mack is playing above. What was expected of them at three and one and the team that gave up on Khalil Mack is doing less than was expected at one and three we in co the stats and get sabermetrics and analyze the numbers. All we want the most important numbers ws house and one teams at first place three one the others in last place wasn't three at the ramp sitting at four no paying are Donald like that. True. Now, I think the Rams general manager has done a phenomenal job at some point the chickens are gonna come home to roost when they have to pay Goff. And by the way, Goth is a franchise quarterback the showdown between he and cousins on Thursday night was just phenomenal up and down. If you up and down and up and down and up and down and touchdown pass after touchdown pass. If you listen to me on the weekends here on CBS sports radio. Goth guy. Some people said didn't deserve to be the first pick in a draft. I got that one. Right. I said Goth went went scoff. I gotta take one I picked you can't wait. You gotta pick your guy, and I would have picked Goth and whence developed quicken. And God he was in a better offense would better weapons around him. They turned it over to him right way Goffin again, right away. And under Jeff Fisher, they weren't really good offensive team. So they were reasons after the fact that you could explain some golf struggles. But I liked the kid and he's going to be a franchise quarterback right now, they're taking advantage of the fact that they've got their quarterback on a rookie deal. And he's playing like a franchise quarterback this quickly into his career. When you have that in place, you can spend some money you can go all out to bring in big pieces and pay them big money in other spots at some point. They're going to have to pay it off. And then they're going to have to get creative. And or cut some guy. Is not going to be easy. But there's no question. The Rams are all in. And I thought was an undecided story, and I forget who reported it might have been Schefter somebody. They were real close to getting Khalil Mack. They still had the salary cap room that they thought they could get it done and get him at now that could guarantee that the team's gonna come apart next year because. They just would be so cap strapped after that. But they thought they could cut and structure a deal to get MAC added to that defense, man. The Rams are undefeated think of them if they had Khalil Mack, Dan from Dan bills up on CBS sports radio Danamon, Johnny Mack. What's happening now? UB McMahon up doing really, well, you know, that raider call I hear that living in raider country. All the time down at the local tavern that the raiders could not possibly afford, a car and and Khalil Mack. Which is a ridiculous statement. He's a once in a lifetime player, and they should have signed him. Agreed. No, no doubt mind that if you just assume that would would've taken the same money from the raiders that he took from the Rams, the raiders absolutely could have made that deal work. They chose not to make thought that that was too much to play pay a defensive player when you're the best defensive player in the national police, not too much pain. No, you're absolutely right. Reggie McKenzie at home what he dropped back and Gruden from. What I remember? He doesn't do very well no valuated didn't do very well in Tampa Bay. I think he won that Super Bowl with a lot of these players. So if if Gruden Kannada homerun defensive pick me up come future drafts good for him. Amac, man. I got the game on them listening to you too. And you're right that Patrick Mahomes these each phenomenal that pass he may with his other arm, but he's got the arm. I think of Dan Marino and the mobility of Russell Wilson, which is a deadly combination. This kid can throw on the run. Yeah. Phenomenal the guy that I see here. Most everybody loves a comp every sports fan on the face of the plant. They want to compare someone that they don't yet know yet hasn't proven again is just starting out in their career yet. Well, Losey like the guy looks most like to me is Aaron Rodgers because Rogers has got that same ability to just jacket off his shoulder and throw laser darts with a ton of accuracy. But when need be turn it up and make plays with his legs, damn Rogers. You wouldn't call a running quarterback. But if he has to he can run, and I think homes going to be the same type of quarterback. You don't want Mahomes taken off seven eight times a game. You only want him doing at once or twice, but do just the right times. And when he does he's got the ability to report fifteen twenty yards. So the guy who reminds me most. And this is a pretty damn good complement is at Rogers, no, positively and I got a question for you. I'm looking noticing all these rookie quarterbacks that are starting. Donald Mayfield Rosen Allen on not saying these guys are not capable. I'm not saying these guys are gonna have great NFL careers. I am saying they are benefited by the way, the deep are being a little constricted nowadays. And my question to you is do you think these ball players could have started Ben starters in the nineteen eighties? I know you don't want to compare errors..

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