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Two the mejatto i don't know whether ardmore distressed by the fact that obama new even before election day what they're up to at the fbi and the department of justice the that lisa page broke up with her boyfriend peter struck turbo quite upsetting i must say i was hoping for leeson peter does sail off into the sunset maybe with peters wife in oak ken along their democrats after all they could just have an open marriage sail into the sunset on someone else's boat as lefties are want to do don't you know i'm very upset but we have obtained a little snippet of audio as i said molester was june 23rd of last year acun 23rd a 2017 that lisa page at long last texted her married boyfriend peter stroke can she texted him please don't ever text me again well we've come across an audio recording of lease a page out with her friends that day on june 23rd of two thousand seventeen in a nice outdoor cafe talking about our ongoing relationship with a married man johny will table holes like just went.

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