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Forms of harassment. Trolling in cold offensive names being stalked being docked. So having your personal information revealed what what did you find was the most common and pervasive form of harassment in these communities so we found that sixty seven percent of respondents. Were recall defensive. Names fifty seven percent were targets of trolling sort of active attempts to interfere with someone's play and then let me talk about a severe harassment. We have some lower numbers but they're not significantly lower right fifty percent half of folks experienced some form of discrimination discrimination in an online game within that thirty eight percent of players were discriminated against because of their gender Thirty five because they were LGBTQ to thirty one because they are African American twenty four percent because they were lat next nineteen percent of both Muslim and Jewish players rolled that they were discriminated against. Because as of their identity which is interesting because how would the people that communicate with them know that means that they're going to some intimate details about their life communicate so I think one of the things that I hear here in qualitative research in this area is that women and people of Color when they speak on the Mike in Various areas game settings on the people who are playing with them make certain assumptions about their voice right and it may be that may be corrected may not be and the same is true of other identities as well but I think what we find is what I hear repeatedly from folks when I talked to them about this. Is that people decide. I JUST WANNA play this game like it's not worth it for me to speak in this space and so they are literally silencing themselves because because of Hate and discrimination in these spaces have been that they've heard of or that they've experienced themselves. I think it depends right right. I think there are. There are games which gained a reputation for us and Community and so people know going in the being who I I am. I may not want to speak on the Mike but also I think it's unfortunately a lot of folks from experience who start gaming at a young age and had this experience not infrequently frequently some of them would choose to continue playing by themselves and some of them would quit the game yes there specifically in the survey bay both. How did this affect that? The ways in which they play games. And how did it affect them sort of personally right and so we found that Thirty eight percent of respondents. Instead they managed who they play with they don't trust in the game system itself to match them up with somebody who makes them feel safe and so they play with their friends or only people that they've vetted somehow and I think the the next assisted is something that I think. The game industry really should pay attention to which is the nineteen percent of folks. Who responded said they? They quit playing certain games because of harassment. Something I've heard from internal advocates at game companies. Is that one of the key ways in which they have to sort of sell addressing harassment and hate in online games in their companies is by making the business case that this is a barrier to growth that that if you have people who are who feel like your games are toxic with the communities are not healthy. They don't feel safe and they quit playing the Games. That's going to keep your game him from becoming commercially successful Sherry. So you look at fifteen different games in your survey they're very different. So there's a first person shooters Games Strategy Games sports simulators. Basically you picked the most popular ones the way you pick them. Did you notice any difference since in behavior or depending on the Games content or do we see that it's very independent from the content per se. So I think this is where we get into so the limits of surveys raid. Were asking people tell us what games you blade. Tell us your experience. We're not actually in this forum looking deeply flee. Into what form does this take in an online game space how is harassment even between two different shooter games right out. What is how is harassment in fortnight different from harassment and overwatch let alone across different genres right? We don't that's why I really think there needs to be More research in this area area one of the other findings that I found and others found really troubling was. We looked at Extremism in this information in online games and we found that this is an area where there has been a lot of coverage about like extremists online games. And they're using it as a recruiting place. But the actual evidence of that I think is is hard to gather and I guess I haven't really seen any numbers attached to that phenomenon But we found that from our survey results twenty three three percent of people were exposed to white supremacist ideology. Online Games is another area. Where is this recruiting is? It's just the normalization of white supremacy embassy. We don't know from the survey right and they really we need more More and deeper research in this area to really understand right now there are certain certain social media platforms that share data with researchers like twitter and read it You're able to run some experiments or do some work on those platforms form because they share data with researchers and the public At present there really isn't any game. That does that for obvious reasons. I mean they're they're also a user privacy concerns with all of this stuff but there are and there have been and other platforms to show the way to share data without while addressing those concerns Levy. Leave the impression that I had him in you. Selecting very different types of games is that you wanted to show in a way that it's not content related yep absolutely. I think there's been a lot of research that has disproven the notion That shooting video games leads to real world shootings right and so this is another her. I think way to get that same supposition which is is not just The shooting games where people are being harassed or being hateful L. or discriminated against folks. It's Card Games IT Strategy Games. It's sports games shooters. It's all of the above and so you were just talking about extremists speech and you were talking about white supremacy but also you just mentioned this information that I found really interesting reports that you say that a lot of the gamers also so reported that they were exposed to information on Vaccines Yawning the Holocaust Holocaust denial on nine eleven so a lot of the traditional conspiracy theories. But it's. It's something that we're used to seeing on facebook or twitter or but we don't really necessarily think that this would have been in those online chat chat suspiciously when people are playing a game. What would be talking about vaccines? So did that. Surprise you at all. was that bigger than you expected. or I mean maybe there's a little bigger than we expected. But it didn't surprise me and I think if further illustrates the point that online games are social spaces. We expect these things to happen in social spaces like facebook and twitter by by these online games are just as a social spaces. I guess one of the things that that I point to is if you look at. I think it's facebook's books terms of service in two thousand six and you look at Ford night today there's sort of turned the service around harassment are almost identical and so in two thousand six outside of academia. I don't think people were thinking. Oh in ten years you know. FACEBOOK is going to be a big part of the twenty six election. They weren't thinking in two thousand seventeen. Oh facebook is going to be implicated in genocide right. Let's say we have ten years right. How do how do we keep the same story from not repeating itself? How do we history from that happening happening again? Given that we know all these things about how digital social spaces worked a lot of the problems that are facing. Online Games are very similar to the ones that are facing social media That's very interesting. Let's wrap this with talking about what we can do. And how can the Industry the game companies alleviate this whole problem problem. How can the tackle this you make a bunch of recommendations in your report? What's for you? The main things that they shouldn't could do one is they should really invested best in and develop content moderation for voice Chad. And you're working on that right. You're helping them on that year. I mean we're we're discussions with a bunch of different folks who are working on that and trying to to help where we can like. I said social media has been working on this pretend plus years. This happened this week. Actually take talk which is not an older our social media platform. It's just a couple of years. Point updated their community guidelines to address Holocaust denial all sorts.

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