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And when I when I look at this and I step back and take a look at the situation, I'm going to start off by when I say, give you my take on this. I originally picked could be to win the fight and could be did win to fight. But the day of the fight I changed the day before the fight. I changed my prediction to Connor just because I knew how bad could be getting into Connor had gotten into could be head. But what transpired after the fight in my opinion was just disgusting. It was. It was my, it was a event. It was. It was a great event that ended in such a way that I thought it was. The biggest black is that the UFC has ever received event reminded me a lot of the Holyfield Mike. Tyson fight. Now that was a mutt that one that was an absolute crazy event. I was actually posed to be at that event, but I didn't go. But. When you look at what, what transpired, where after could be stopping Connor, and we're going to touch on the fight could be started to yell at at Connor. And then he turns around, he takes his my peas out and he throws it at the fence, and he starts yelling outside the ring, and he's yelling at Connors corner. Then out of nowhere, he jumps over the cage and he actually attacks a member of Conner's camp. Then another crazy thing happened where one member of Conner's camp came while Connor was on the ground and kinda recovering one. Connor one of the members came at Connor Connor, and and you know, approach Connor in a aggressive way like he was going to hit him. Another member jumped over the cage and came from behind and tried to hit Connor from behind the other. Member through a punt ended up being a Malay in the ring while could be was attacking the members outside the ring. I thought it was discussing I personally think, and I Camilo I'll let you talk in just a second. I personally think I'm gonna go out right on the line. I'm a fan of Connor. I'm a fan of could be could be is one of my absolute favorite people. To watch in a UFC, but I personally think could be should be suspended, could be should be fined. And here's the big one I think could be should be stripped of the title with that. I'm gonna throw it over the u. her mellow. What do you think about what I just said? And do you agree? Disagree. Tell me what you think we have not had a chance to talk about this whatsoever. So I'm very curious to see what your take is on this. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean was it took me by surprise completely. I mean, after he choked out McGregor and then that happened, I was so surprised. And one of the first things that I thought it was this is sculpting, the should not be happening. I get it McGregor with his antics, guiding your head and salted him, so it could be, but this should not have happened. He should have been able to control himself and I do agree. I think it should be stripped. And should be fine. Now, there's one more thing that's probably going to happen. Not only is he going to have to deal with Nevada commission and possibly the some sort of sanction from the, but even Dana was saying that he might not be allowed to the country. Again, fight, you know his his, his. His passport and things like that could be in serious danger. I don't know if it will be when you have when you have lawyers involved, you can stop a lot of things. A lot of that was brought up when Connor attacked the bus and they were talking about, they were worried that Connor will not be able to get a passport to the fight back in the u comeback into the US again. But when you have when you if you have quality lawyers, I don't think that will happen, but it is a possibility. I think there's a big difference even though I thought Connor should have been suspended for what he did with the bus situation..

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