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Yeah, and it's unbelievable I actually talk to an eight year old boy from Honduras who's living in northern California with his aunt and uncle just last night expecting. This news be filed in court today. The father is still in Honduras and he's trying to get brought back to the United States. It's an almost insurmountable legal hurdle based on the terms of this agreement that was made between the ACLU and the federal government, but I just want to reiterate I mean what these children went through has been now categorized as government sanctioned child abuse by the American Academy of Pediatrics as torture by Physicians for Human Rights and it was perpetrated by. The trump administration political officials after they were warned by career people in hhs in dhs in the Department of Justice as was reported, just a couple of weeks ago that this policy was going to have the exact consequences that we're talking about right now the recordkeeping wasn't there. They wouldn't be able to track these families down and here we are. You said almost three years later with trump compounded if you talk to child healthcare professionals a probably on a daily basis from his children. So, we know everyone is you know gut punched by all this and again we're going to keep fighting. We're GONNA keep planning seeds. We're GONNA. Play the long game we have no choice now I'm Sarah did you want to read from your poem Yeah I guess to close out the show on a resolution no say an optimistic note here is a poem from the Polish dissident Love Mule that he wrote in nineteen fifty called you who wronged. You wrong. The simple man bursting into laughter at the crime. and. Kept a pack of fools around you to mix good and evil to blur the line. Though, everyone bowed down before you saying virtue and wisdom. Let your way striking gold medals in your honor. Glad to have survived another day. Do, not feel safe. The poet remembers you can kill one, but another is born. The words are written down the deed the date. In you'd have done better with a winter dawn. A rope and a branch bow beneath wait. Thank you so much and so we're GONNA end this episode with. The clip of the viral video that everyone must watch should we haven't seen it? I've watched fifty times of Joe Biden in two thousand eighteen greeting a family who lost their father in the park shooting the man's name was Chris Hickson. He was the school athletic director and he was killed trying to disarm the gunman and save students in this video. You'll hear his son Corey Hickson run-up to Biden who instinctively hugs corey and gives him kissing forehead and then after that, you're going to. Hear a song from from gasoline nation listener. The song is called join together and the artist is Emily Grogan who wrote to us. I'm a huge fan of you all you inspired the song. Thank you. Emily were huge fan of the song will link to it at the top of our show notes so you can download it. It's exactly the kind of anthem we need right now. So here's Biden reminding us how to stay human followed by Emily, Grogan rallying cry of a song joined together. Kim..

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