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The thetheir their some entries from two thousand nine here i'm skirling four owned i know i know right there's a couple of charlie weis blogs right here charlie weis blogs a who had transcribed those elegant this header november ten two thousand nine a header get real it's time for the mccaskeys to write a check and make lovey go away two thousand nine was that from me from you i was i was never a big guy never big someone just tweeted about that like an hour i go to about deal hope of bulls accountable leg you how lovey accountable actually act over twenty first two thousand nine hey hendry either bradley goes or i go yeah there you go look out i knew that i was that he was done with bill bradley neon hendry make the right decision i love there were a couple of times when i wanted to boycott the cubs i boycott of the cubs no sex didn't go to a came and the changes were made in osaka then and then the those those this likeable cobs with milton bradley when they tried a wrong or water they tried to write a lot of their wrongs and they ended up wronging things even more horror was a bunch of guys one cover that those off on micro the rumbling gerlein ja when he put down a wind that the media could not cross in the cubs clubhouse right and then didn't he like hurt his finger in the lazy boy in front of his locker where he was yelling at the member he had a problem with the announcers to kent mercker dead kent mercker did eddy merckx or might have put the actual tape down i get remember but i think that was the year where i've never had this before i asked a question to a a player and it was fred mcgriff the crime dog leap that guy honestly and i would ask that guy credit he will look at me he was not as bad guy really and he would turn his head and he will be like youth think that's a question and i'm like fred i just ask you about your home run if you could take us through that would be like it was just off that.

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