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Brian de Winston under center takes the snap back to throw deep drop has time rainbow deep down the left side to the shoulder down. They beat Kevin King 55 yards over the top 37 3. And where have we heard that before? Kevin K. They beat Kevin King joining me for Monday morning Quarterback Carol Kane and the one the only Brian D folks Good morning. I'm just going to step aside and try not to be collateral damage. Make it worse. There's a storm rolling through southeastern Wisconsin right now. All right, Brian 38 to 3 yesterday. Um, I was doing a lot of digging this morning. Aaron Rodgers does not have a great record in Florida, which is kind of a weird status for a guy that's got a great record in most places. Let's set that aside. He didn't look good. The offense didn't look good. The defense certainly didn't look good. They give a five touchdown passes, including, I think a couple by Kevin King, your your initial thoughts. After watching week 12 initial thoughts number one. The defense was atrocious. Now I don't know how long I want to wait to be super judgmental of Joe Barry's defense because it's the first game And this was the first time any of these guys played together in a real game setting because the Packers intentionally sat out all their important players on both sides of the ball for the entire preseason self. I don't know how much stock I want to put into one performance in the first game of Joe Barry's defense, but they got gashed, and there were points in the game at Troy Aikman even circled this and the Fox TV broadcast. After one of the touchdowns, Um, he circled. I think it was Darnell Savage and Kevin King. They were moping the shoulders promoting they didn't look interested. That was not a good look for the Packers defense on the first game of the season. That's number one. Um, The other takeaway is Aaron Rodgers is just as culpable. Here is the Packers defense. I think Joe Barry. Probably, uh, you look at the situation they gave up. 38 points defensively, but the Packers offense put up three. Like what if they lose that game 38 to 35. How much worse is it for? Joe Barry At that point, right? Because Rogers could go out to the podium and say, I did my job. I put up 35 points and you guys couldn't stop them. What's the deal? It's an interesting look at the first part of this season. This is a team that, as you said, took the priest of the preseason off the starters. And I know because I was watching football last night. Only nine teams chose not to play their starting quarterback in the preseason, and I think five of those teams performed horribly yesterday, so there's certainly a trend there. I don't know what to make of this because again, it's one game. I was a little disappointed with Aaron Rodgers comments that this is one game. The only gets 17. And that's an additional game this year unless you're going to use this as a throwaway or the fourth preseason game, which is kind of how they approached it, In my opinion, that's a risky attitude. Now that that definitely is, and and I think you know the the him making that comment stems from confidence that they're going to be okay offensively, at least, which I think they will be, Um I was not disappointed with Aaron Rodgers postgame comments because he did wear some of the culpability, he said. I played bad. I wasn't good enough. I like he used the word I, which is not something he's done a lot. In the past. There have been times where he step to that podium and said, Yeah, I mean, after after bad games of his own like when he turns the ball over, he'll go up there and say it was somebody else's fault. It was the this game and you know our receivers. We didn't run the ball well enough. The offensive lineman didn't protect me well enough. Which I think would have been a true and fair thing to say yesterday, but I'm glad he wore some of the culpability on his own shoulders. Okay, Now, I was doing a little investigating this morning like Steve and I found this article. And it was fascinating to me. So Brian, let me read you. The headline of the article. NFL fans believe Aaron Rodgers played poorly on purpose to get the Packers to trade. That's not Aaron Rodgers. No, no, I'm just I'm just I'm I thought it was fascinated that they would even write an article like that. I think that speaks to the national perception and the Fatigue of this story for the last six months because I do think there's a portion of football fans across the country that think Aaron Rodgers has been winey for the last six months. He's been complaining about it. So all I want to leave a place that's been to the NFC championship game the last two years and we've won 29 games in two seasons, But I want to leave because they're not treating me right. Like I think that mentality exists for a lot of people. Now that that's completely untrue. Aaron Rodgers would never go out there and intentionally take a football game, especially to get treated like why would you want to put bad stuff on tape for a new team to say? Hey, come get me. Now, here's the reality at all. Here's the reality for and Rogers we have the off season that has somehow been mediated. Settled to this. So that the Yeah again with the chief? Yes, for at least one year. Yeah, we'll see what happens after the season. Now he has not played well in week one. Plus adding to that the conduct or performance off the field during the off season. We have a home game next week on a Monday night If he doesn't show up in this offense doesn't show up next week. I would not be shocked Brian D. If I hear some booze echoing through the canyons Of Lambeau Field, and frankly, you're going to act like a team that's ready to go to the Super Bowl, and you're not doing it that's deserved. We know this as well. Steve and you can speak to this as our resident season ticket holder Packers fan of this group on Monday morning quarterback there is a portion of the Packers fan base. I just talked about the national perception of Aaron Rodgers locally here there is a pocket of Packers fans that is also frustrated with him being a diva. I can see it on the text line. I'm getting a lot of lot of commentary already complaining about exactly like Leave a come back and play football. You're the quarterback. The front office is the front office, right? So Yeah, I do think there's going to be frustration if they come out flat against the Lions team that showed signs of life to their everlasting credit against the San Francisco 49 ers yesterday afternoon. No, I think you said it on one of your hits this morning in Wisconsin Morning News, Peter King Guy I have a lot of respect for great NFL writer believe he called the Packers response to this loss was a flippant slip into is the word he used interesting choice of words and he's a guy that's pretty attuned to locker rooms around the NFL. The other thing, he added on to using the word flip. It was Nobody seemed terribly ticked off, right? You got smoked 38 to 3. This was not 31 to 17 where you scored a couple touchdowns and have something to hang your hat on. I think the only good performance yesterday from anybody was Corey Bohorquez, the punter. He played great. He looked awesome out there. Bombs other not nobody's got much to hang their hat on from the Packers organization, and I didn't see Whole lot of anger or frustration on anybody's faces. Other than maybe Matt the forest on the sideline during the game, you know what they call teams who celebrate the actions, their punters in games. Bad losers. Here's Brian Did Carol came to my radio left. It is Monday morning quarterback thanks to the great books that Steinhafel and Ho Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells. I love these sponsors. We're going to do this all season long. Right here after every each and every regular season game and playoff game, hopefully, and that's become a little murkier. Now all the way to the Super Bowl. We'll take a break. You can join us as well. 85561616 20 the AC unit, Morgan's talking tax line Monday morning quarterback Don't.

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