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News time eleven eleven skoglund fire department continues looking into what happened early monday when a seventeen year old was shot covered with a sheet tell people in the neighborhood noticed he wasn't dead and it's clearly that you could see that my son chess was rising and falling eric carey has seen the video again and again the video of his son aaron lying in the street moving but covered with this sheet his youngest child he says people always told them he and erin looked so much alike now to see your twin lander devastating carey says he reads comments on social media just air just be strong and keep god mine and everything like that that's fine so one in a while and i just want everybody to do their job and those are denied do their job and stuff you know i think they should be retrained something has to happen you know kerry spoke to reporters at his lawyer's office steve miller newsradio uhhuh on one zero five point nine fm testimony will continue tomorrow in the case of chicago police officer robert rearm oh who shot and killed two people in twenty fifteen face questioning for a second day today about the shooting deaths of nineteen year old quinn tonioli greer and fifty five year old betty jones real most says he shot legrand selfdefense jones shooting was an accident for legris family assuming the city which already reached a settlement with the jones family scotto city council's transportation committee today put off discussion of a proposal to rename balbo drive for the late either be wells alderman sophia king says she and others we're looking forward to a public discussion about renaming balbo drive for journalists and anti lynching crusader i to be well there's no street in the downtown area named either after a person of color or woman and that's in this day and time unacceptable with council transportation committee chair alderman anthony beale says discussions on a compromise being held some italian american groups resist banishing the name of aviation hero and known fascist italy balbo beal feels kings anguish i'm sorry that she's upset that her hearing didn't take place a day but you know we're gonna make sure that we we work with her and moving forward is willing to consider renaming other streets like lakeshore driver congress parkway at city hall craig delamore newsradio one one zero five three point nine fm daddy bbc news time eleven thirteen tomorrow morning at seven join us for world news roundup eighth straight minutes of the most important national and international stories news radio seven eighty and one zero five point nine fm news.

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