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The the chip makers really sizing volatile markets as well as a slowing demand. That was the same case for Infineon, which is saying revenues will come in at the lower end of its twenty nine thousand nine range in particular, sizing that slow down in Chinese growth, so really a space to watch. Now, we're seeing the European tech sector really falling down as well. Just pointing center you've got a peculiar story for us. Canadian crypto exchange is. Left with a two hundred million dollar problems, less more. This is such an interesting story. Now, of course, a lot of the concerns around in crypto currencies has been regulation. And this is quite an interesting thing. Because essentially this is Canada's biggest crypto exchange and its assets are locked away because it's chief executive died. So Quadri is the exchanges name it's based in Vancouver. And they've got about two hundred million Canadian dollars outstanding that they can't retrieve these in digital tokens, which is how you access your wallet. And those digital keys have basically been dosed with the passing of CEO Gerald cotton who died in December. We know that he was famous ille- obsessed with security really wanted to go up against this view that cryptos want safe. And that's why he kept all the passwords and all the security himself. But now his widow has filed filed a court filing saying his passwords other raccoons about the company can't be found anywhere. And that means that those two hundred million can. Dole is still outstanding. Bloomberg's Sandra Kilhof. Thank you very much. It's twelve eleven here in London seven eleven AM in New York City. You're listening to the briefing. Now notice must Dona is expected to begin the process of joining NATO tomorrow. Let's get more on this weird. Fisher Shang Josiah who is the defense editor at the economist. She is also a regular contributor here on monocle twenty four. So north Macedonia will start a NATO accession to Mora. What does that mean in breakfast? Well, it means you can start talking about all the different things you need to do before you can become a NATO member. Nato membership is a very long in difficult process as Macedonia will know very well from the effort by its neighbors in the region like Albania. Croatia others, you have to fulfill all sorts of standards about how much you spend on the armed forces. How much you invest in new modern military.

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