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Final suspect wanted in connection with the deadly shooting at a gender reveal party in Colerain township two years ago is now behind bars police say they have finally tracked down a Columbus man whom they say hired the gunmen Bandel Slade was picked up by federal agents last night the first trial for the rodent family murders in Pike County has been continued until December second jurors were to be selected today in the trial of reader Neukom but prosecutors say both sides agreed last minute to delay the trial him said why Neukom is mother of one of the murder suspects the Wagners are accused of killing eight members of the road and family execution style back in twenty sixteen it's believe the murders were over a custody dispute Warren County teenager found not guilty in the murder of her baby is speaking for the very first time about the death of her child scalar Richardson tells cosmopolitan magazine she is played by guilt every day we're not telling someone Richardson tells the magazine she was going to tell her mother after prom that she was pregnant but says the the next day she started experiencing cramping and ended up delivering a shockingly white baby she says sitting on the toilet continues to insist that baby was not born alive Regis Intel's because mostly decided the neighbor little girl Annabelle though she didn't know what he wanted to time with that name so whenever she heard it would remind her of her baby girl he tells the magazine she wishes it was her who died instead of Annabel this the last two years have been a nightmare I'm Brian Culp's newsradio separate WLW Wall Street the Dow closed up thirty one points nasdaq up nine S. and P. up to next updated six thirty hi Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLW the first store logistics bangles really very welcome in if it's Monday it's Biggles live all round stadium on.

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