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Critics morning it was a might have 23 wind chill the freezing temperatures expire acted less for days the labor department says us employers added one hundred forty eight thousand jobs last month slightly fewer than expected you're listening to abc news real foreign news radio 610 wtvn columbus police are now investigating the stabbing deaths of two people were found dead in the backyard narrow home on the far east side this morning shortly before 9 o'clock police were called while home and discovered the stabbed bodies of a mother and her young child they were both dead at the scene abc six the steve levin says the scenes cordonedoff near the corner a fleet of refugee roads victims have been identified as thirtyfouryearold nicole ducts and and her fouryearold daughter christina officers say the suspect likely new the victims in white all police say an officer was involved in the shooting this morning all swat teams were carrying out a search warrant happen at an apartment complex along great oak way the man was accused of selling heroin event now confronted officers with a gun and was shot dead no officers were hurt police say children were also in the home at the time they were removed safely i'm scott janning stay connected to columbus and central ohio on the hour thirty minutes past and as news breaks abc six first warning weather today partly to mostly clotted russ the afternoon high in the low teens they unfortunate partly cloudy more snow flurries already low down the minus one tomorrow's high only thirteen under mostly sunny skies wenchel advisory continues through tomorrow morning are now mostly cloudy and it's thirteen darren college a former nfl super bowl champion signed the most important contract of his life to serve in the army national guard of that allowed him out there and my famous big part of what the mark levin is on for a long time i want to go out there make a difference i didn't find that work in mind the death toll from the it was pretty easy decision and they and then the opportunity to survive for my country was this icing on the cake to learn how to be part of the army national guard log onto national guard dot com sponsored by the ohio army national.

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