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Equivalent of going from a buying club to co op grocery store so and i think as i think been listening to you and i'm sort of reflecting on this said it did you have building your food local food system was that part of your vision from the getgo you know when i think about a lot of the retail caught upset i have interacted with over the years i mean that's been part of what they're doing but that wasn't really court or their mission and maybe the hour they it's part of what they do certainly on but it was more just getting access to good food wherever i mean from you know what i'm saying why yeah and it actually was it wasn't we definitely had to craft that down took us several years to get to that those words but it definitely was from the beginning because we're in this place where you know there it's a harsh environment and we saw that in order to have access pools of moving you to promote our local food system right right and you bet that sirkin that role was going to be it's it's differentiated for you in particular because of where you're yeah because of the harsh conditions yeah and i guess that is why you know we have not in the same level or vein as any photographs you store whole foods or natural and we have natural grocers and sprouts and yeah we're just in a different we're on a different tracks in all of and do you think that your average shopper in the store knows that i think so yeah i definitely think so i think they gotta be a little bit kinda brave to come into our store even though it said everyone's welcome it's like what is this place is pretty different than the feel of it and how it looks and any other grocery store go around town and yeah so do how do you communicate that in is it in science around the store do you have a you know i'm just i'm just wondering just tactically how you make sure that your members understand that that degree of commitment to building a sustainable food system locally is so intent integral integral let's face it our but what you do yeah i think a lot of it is we have a lot of core shoppers member owners that have been shopping for years going out of their way they've come to us first and got what they could from us when we didn't have you know selection and then they get their other stuff elsewhere but it's just over the years talking word of mouth members talking to each other none in your kind of finally starting to get on like where we can do a better marketing who got a pretty good following on social media and things like that but we are working on some actual paintings and our store and finance really saying like these this is who we are this is what our in in goals are ends are our goal and really telling putting that we ever food should painted big on the wall but route from still in the process of connecting the dots for everybody and i don't think that i think some people just doing too because they're like oh this is cool or you know or or somebody asked you and you're like okay so i don't think that everyone understands i think enough people have been shopping long enough to talk to people enough to really understand able to tell that stories stories others in the community but we are especially as we grow gotta get better and better and hone in on that so that anyone walking off the street could say oh this is why this grocery stores here this is why me buying this piece of food is going to contribute to this then really making that connection yeah yeah i think i think you got it as user all yeah so what inspiring i just find you guys so inspiring because you took on a very big challenge and you were you know at a at a young age took on this giant challenge and maybe it's maybe it's because you didn't know it was going to be hard that you did as right probably yeah i think we really had no clue what we're getting into no no anything about martin's or business or anything like that we just thought with her calculator deal little markup and and so we had to.

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