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Should be futures down nineteen NASDAQ futures down seventy nine points now another cold day and a high of thirty four we have some flurries this morning, but partly sunny later thirty at O'Hare in the lakefront now the wind. Makes it feel like twenty to thirty four with some flurries. Some of those sticking in northwest, Indiana, WBZ, news time, five thirty one and topping our news. It's one of Chicago's most shocking and tragic incidents in recent memory, four dead, including the gunman in a chaotic shooting that saw many employees at Chicago's mercy hospital running for their lives. Mayor Emanuel spoke last night standing next to Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson city, Chicago. Whilst Dr pharmaceutical assistant and a police officer all going about their day all doing what they love. His tears at the soul of our city is the face and the consequence of evil the officer who was killed has been identified as twenty old patrolman Samuel Jimenez who was married with three young children. He had just finished his probationary period in August shooting reportedly started if the gunman Dr tamra O'Neill who had recently broke off an engagement with the man, you LaPorte Indiana natives remembered as a devoted member of her church. The other victim pharmacy tech. Dana lash was training. Dr Patrick Patrick Connors. The originally department directorate mercy hospital on the irony of violence in a hospital should be a safe place every shooting in America's tragedy. And it is especially sensors when a shooting the coziness in the space of the hospital W B B M Steve Miller talked to witnesses were at mercy hospital as it all on photo. The shooting started outside mercy hospital and once inside the gunman started shooting again the floor. Hallway that man works in the lab? And he says he and his workers hid in a closet for twenty minutes while the shooting was going on across the street. Tony Taylor walked out of his apartment building just before the shooting began. It's a sad. How he how he just come up with you know. And then once he emptied the clip soon the cops I saw out of pocket and put it in. So I guess he said he wasn't. He wasn't gonna go down without a fight. I guess crazy Bill Steve Miller News Radio on one zero five point nine..

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