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By Gavin along the boards forces the turnover. Gets it back down. Bryan Adams gets control Weigel and Murat just doing the work on the blue Line leg, two shots on goal for Air Force. 17.5 minutes left in the game. And they dropped the puck in the circle to the left of Kirk and right off the face off a shot deflects Happen out of play. That was really Ryan jumping in the two centers. The puck was just sitting on the dot rhyme jumped in and just fired that off. Kirk stick up into the netting. So here we go Face off. Same spot. Puck is still in the circle comes out of the circle. Right Toe Luke Center, know his past blocked and grabbed by Willie Rhyme rhyme has it to the blue line to waggle pass across to note in the far circle to rhyme who drags a toe with the hash marks, swings and misses. He's fighting off a defender, and he missed the park entirely. It's all the way back to the neutral zone. Play there by Air Force brought back in Kirk behind the net, tried to wrap it around to a teammate. They get it to Novak to Hamlet. And Hamlet stripped to the puck from behind by rhyme rhyme with the takeaway and then rhyme is slammed into the boards. Pup comes free, and Bentley gets it right back that center ice. Santer Noto Hamlet taken away by Air Force Here's rhyme again. Who's everywhere and rhyme is chopped down right at the blue line there. We got a whistle. Yeah, just going to be an offside call. Ryan was trying to step around one of the Bentley players. Because he tried to do that began a trip himself up, and he got into the zone a little too quick. The key to not getting out of your zone and turning the puck over is playing in the other team's own most of the last couple of minutes. The game has been played in Bentley's in that's good for airports. Hey, softly in front of the Bentley bench center, Isar force comes away with the puck. Dropped in by Bowery and they go get it. Picking it up is gonna be bride, He turns he tried to get it back to Bowery flashing down the slop that didn't work broken up by Bentley of the point. Maynard hasn't Maynard will send one in this redirected ends up behind the net picked up there and an outlet past stolen away by Air Force. Bennett Norland has it drops it behind the net to Jake 11 11 battling With a defender there and the puck comes away. Bentley has the advantage, but only as far as center ice. Rolled back in by Alex Maynor.

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