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Level they're targeting lower level members of the scene a lower cartel and kozel being guzman's cartel correct and started really kind of dismantling each level in arresting until we got to the next layer and before you knew it we were doing undercover operations around the globe we had introduced diego to several high level players within the scene a lower cartel that we're moving millions of dollars and we began laundry during the cartels money and that's a tool that da has access to through the proper authorisations of course where we can exploit drug trafficking organizations and start identifying people within the cartel to the target true and diego had infiltrated this in a lower cartel together they were quite the cracks team so really we became a powerful pair and had some tremendous success and climb the ladder within the scene level cartel and we're left with one person to target that one person of course was al troppo in two thousand twelve drew realized that in order to get his mind he needed to move to mexico and get into the heart of el chapo own territory but drew also had his wife and young family to consider i was very uncomfortable decision and my wife and i she's she's a saint she's been with me every step of the way and i can remember having a lot of hesitation before we moved and she just said ey what's your gut telling you and i said it's to go through and his family packed up and moved to mexico.

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