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Conor Mcgregor, Josie, Mighty Mouse discussed on Five Rounds with Brett Okamoto - Cub Swanson - Jose Aldo: 5/31/17


It doesn't seem like this is an seemed like a guy who proactively goes out in tries to get that rematch she says he wants it and he deserves it but he just he can't he can't figure out a way to proactively go get it now what are your thoughts on listening to a ball oh i mean i can understand i can understand i cannot and both strategy the thing down at the epa weight and and going up lightweight eight 'cause you're talking back in march everybody knew that mcgregor wanted that a mattress mayweather whether you never know and it's going to happen so you go up and try to win an interim title at at lightweight and then never know when you're rematch with conor mcgregor it's going to be and you might have to stay there for a while or do spaniard zone and recognize the mcgregor eventually probably going to go back to to light faith and if your the the the featherweight champion you'd of a that were reasonable ability at length and because argument or a case for going up to immediately challenged correct maybe perhaps um but ahead and it was just overall i mean i i feel for josie although as it feels like he's a victim of this of this this year bias where you know pay paid the eyeballs in and and for whatever reason some people don't like watching these lower level fighters and mighty mouse we've seen him just sort of uh right his his pay as i believe risen from where you be but we've seen him kind of a except if and and any complaints about every once in a while but but he's just like it is what it is and i'm just gonna keep winning doing my thing and everybody everybody loves that guy when he fights but in the job although like those in a little bit more complaints but you can see m trying to work his way with right with giving conor mcgregor the huge pay day and i think he got at once and now trying to figure out a way to get back at at uh what the best strategy would be i i can i could see both ways go like i said going up to lightweight or thing worried that.

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