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For three o'clock on Thursday from most locations in North Texas. So keep that in mind. The precipitation will come to an end Thursday afternoon and evening drive but cold as we go into Friday's tempt her struggle to get out the lower thirties right now, 29 degrees at the DFW airport. Regardless of the weather. Both Dallas and Fort Worth School District will be open for business tomorrow. But virtually other districts like Alan Arlington, Plano, Denton and Frisco or Monitoring the weather, and they will be making the decision to close. We're start later. That will be made tomorrow Morning Education Week and his organization that covers K through 12 Education, recently surveyed principles and district leaders and found nationally, the 39% of school District's have converted snow days to remote learning days and 32% of the other district's were looking into doing that. Well, the wintry weather in the forecast the cruiser with text on or North Texas tollway authority or treating the roads to help prevent cars from slipping around Michael Ray within two, Ta says the crews have been working around the clock and we'll keep going for as long as needed. Text on and in Tthe officials are urging drivers to try to stay off the roads much as possible. And if you do have to drive, please keep your distance and also drive slowly. Chance of rain overnight. Some freezing sleet may happen between now and 6 A.m. right now it is 29 degrees and Fort Worth. I'm the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. Your next update and 11 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com If you're back in the office or working from home Feel free to listen on your computer at W B a P E com wherever you want us whenever you want us Use talking 20 w B A p W b a p dot com. Okay, so we're gonna be a scold is going to be for about a week and I'm just saying we expect, you know, by the way, Producer David, you're gonna tell me something because E mean, 11 years, but I It seems to be the February is always the coldest month, isn't it for some reason here? It does because it shouldn't be. It should be January. I mean, everywhere. I've lived my whole life. I've always been told and, you know, read that January is the coldest month. Of the year. So I don't see why wouldn't be the same here. But we get hit the worst. It seems in fed war. I mean, we really, really mid February just like when the big game happened here. Okay, so Let's go through more. What the with the cold stuff because this is insane. The forecasts worth looking like I want to go on a boring, long, long term thing by the we are literally looking at Precipitation. Um, tonight, possibly potential freezing rain. Most likely freezing rain and sleet pellets tonight Ice accumulation of two quarter vintage. I'm telling you Do not drive if you can. I'm just I'm not the panicky dude. But I'm just telling you don't, um, if you can help, but e mean I personally I'm not gonna hide in my home tomorrow, but I'm just saying, like It sucks because you feel like an idiot. If you go out if you got them, there's nothing going on, you know? But I'm just saying, I'll go. I'll go. I'll go to my workout and I'll go to the grocery store or to get gas. That's within a few miles of the house. That's it for me. I mean, that's my Max. Unless I go out of my neighborhood. There's ice on the ground that we're going. Yeah, Slide back into my driveway. It's a screw this noise. Um Temperatures below freezing for most locations across the Metroplex and then on a round of precept Wednesday through Thursday, that really, really sucks. Ice accumulations of to attempt on possible bridges, overpasses, tree power lines and trees. Just keep this in mind. Assume there's ice when you go over a bridge, man eyes my friendly advice to you to be safe. Um, the weekend. Mork Cold Air. Another shot of it, says Channel eight Behind Precept Thursday, Danielle. Temperatures drop to the middle twenties Friday morning as you head out, see, that's what's like freaking brutal for us. Gusting winds of the 20 0. My gosh, my £5 Chihuahua was gonna freaking melt. I mean, just two sweaters on she has to sweat is your she goes out there she goes like and she goes and comes back in like a minute now. Um, temperatures will stay around freezing Saturday afternoon with a potential see snowflakes. Wow. Arctic air comes arrives Saturday. Arctic freaking Here. I thought this was Arctic air a surge Arrive Saturday, says Channel eight. We're not looking at a lot of snow, no snowmen. Dangerously cold next week. See here this What's insane? And you tell me if I'm right or wrong in this producer, David it usually this kind of weather only last for about 234 days, right. Is that about? Yeah, So that's why I'm saying this is where it's like. This is not cool because this is going to go into the hole next week. So, Channel eight forecast alluded to a TV channel, it says. Um, some of the coldest air we have seen in decades coming this weekend. Temperatures drop below freezing Friday and won't warm up back about freeze until the middle of next week. See, we're already screwed. We're already screwed right now. We're receiving the royal bone right now. But it gets worse. All right, let me just I'm gonna.

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