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Vaping or E. cigarette use they have pulmonary illness is breathing problems shortness of breath chest pains what it might be exactly causing the problems doctors have not yet figured out but they believe it's a link to vaping ABC's Alex stone a New Zealand teenager who visited Disneyland Universal Studios Hollywood tourist hot spots another beaches this month had measles may have exposed to been exposed to others this is ABC news Hey what's driving from the Kane show I just left the newly remodeled hers and kia and took the all new twenty twenty kia soul first you go check it out and make sure you Tellem Riley since you here's a tender little tale fresh from the trail about a cowboy fell in love with a cow girl named Dale it was love at first sight that's what they said this week something sure went to their heads they walked and talked and shot the breeze held hands and kissed under the trees then the cow girl whispered let's get some food so they rode on to a place that looked good found a Roy Rogers restaurant just round the ban cowboys said wasn't Royce some kind of legend Chalgrove said works for me how about you cow boy smiled I like it too folks of Roy said they're happy dues yell sit right down here Buckaroos before too long they were feeling at home cowboys said not better than where the buffalo roam three piece combo is a tasty surprised new chicken tenders soft drinks and fries each big tender was specially chosen the chicken was hand breaded fresh never frozen when they had their fill they said their goodbyes cowboys said we'll be back there's lots more to try folks at Royce said see you.

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