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I have a youtube channel which is about to explode with videos you could go to it and follow me there to subscribe it's sti them talk i'm very easy to follow nam of onedimensional person when it comes to that all right so should we get to some phone calls get your reaction to all this eight eight eight six 300 nine six two five you're on the chris plante show i think we should anthony is in new york hello anthony a variety of your on your great relieve club picture for chris where they are we have a couple of comments by if i care um uh that the road i came to my an obviously with uh uh obama uh interfere with a permanent minister netanyahu the election but guinea uh show up fly people over more than fifteen act day two to three infiltrate that election and didn't retail uh uh oath at least act so i hear tests all sorts of things but by our websit at thinking about that because back even further with ted ted kennedy going to russia and trying to get reagan outs you know absolutely but i i i have a question if i may or comments uh about the task of saying is that our h sure yeah uh how the help kids we have hundreds of thousands of genes kids that are closely trailers it's come into our schools but we can't even monitor what's going on with the legal jets here and that we got to have crushed and it's worked route were that uh 700 h thousand i it's just ridiculous uh nancy they're they're not kids the overwhelming majority of these people are at dar es young adults of his old is forty we have a military aircraft well you know i mean but how can we have the how can we have more people work where youths at our school systems mills there if if if there were so.

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