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Learn until I got my master's level at gmail dot com. Thank you all again. You got there. 6 30 in the morning on Valentine's Day, and the next segment of the home An appliance show is brought to you by protect environmental and they too are experts in what they do, and they do raid on re mediation. If you've got raid on in your home, or you want to find out if you do, see Oh, Oh, protect environmental. They do the job. They did it for me that it is done. They did, If it Trudy and they did is for several neighbors. They are the pros on re mediation of our raid on problem in homes, and the American Lung Association mixed the statement. Indoor air quality to debate Is worse than outdoor air quality. Col Protect environmental at eight every day, Mr Rickey, don. Which is it? 677 23 66. We're gonna be here till eight o'clock this morning, and we got up to help you on Valentine's Day. We want to help you with your appliance repair question. And we want you would call right now. We're inviting you to call us right now. At 808 590. W. J. R. That's 800. 8590957. We've got Danielle Mason helping us out back at control Central Wolf eels from her in just a moment. In the meantime, I am Donald Hammer. Schuster and we're just moments away from the next segment of the home and a client go with consumer advocate and appliance Dr Joe Gannon for coming here from the new center area of midtown Detroit. Everything funnels through the golden Dome of the Fisher Building where the great voice of the Great Lakes we are Where Detroit comes to talk. 7 16 W. J. R. If you have a basement that has a bedroom or you're adding a bedroom. It's mandatory that you have a Negress window. SPS glass block will install a negress window in your home and do it perfectly giving you easy access to get out in an emergency. SPS Glass Block.

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