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Maria Kina, Saint Charles County, Saint Louis discussed on Dave Sinclair Lincoln and Ford Sports Open Line


On your traveling westbound seventy the right lane still close. It looks like just the left lane opened a west of Washington. Elizabeth you're jammed back to bottle halls ferry. Now, eastbound seventy is heavy at Lindbergh on by having a look see at it. Westbound seventy let's say you're great run downtown out through Saint Charles county, blues capital strategies, don't delay south 174 Whitelaw do down to sixty four eastbound sixty four east of Limburg through Hanley a lot of that stop go westbound sixty four boil out through McCall's on there still some congestion there. But after that like, I said Saint Charles county pretty much cleared out. And you're good to go. What about the other drives with delays Maria? Well for southbound fifty five drivers, you are still heavy and slow from Weber to south of Ribas. That's where we have that accident was blocking two right lanes. Looks like it's just blocking one right lane. Now. And for northbound fifty five at imperial main there at the exit. It sounds like we have a case on the ramp for southbound two seventy heavy and slow right now still write about from a little bit north of Clayton all the way up through forty four. Now, we have another accident. It's at forty four. It is on the right shoulder there that is for southbound two seventy drivers. But that's starting to slow traffic is people top stopped to take a look and then westbound forty four at a downtown. It's still pretty heavy and slow right now little bit before our snow to just pass Jameson but much better. It's moving much better than was earlier. What about downtown Roger downtown? The only problem is eastbound seventy dollars to work in the accident Maria just before Salisbury right lanes blocked eastbound seventy s a solid jammed back through king's highway but sixty four fifty five converging downtown. And once you get past that point on seventy you're good to go as well headed into metro east one sixty one just west of bardo. Still seeing some congestion we had an earlier accident there for Maria kina on Roger Brandon the K mart. Traffic center. Kmox news time six ten for the third time in recent weeks. A homeless person has died in the city of Saint Louis. The latest victim a man in his thirties was found dead Wednesday night inside an abandoned church north of downtown this.

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