President Trump, Newt Gingrich, Greg Gianforte discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


It's get gets Republicans excited, and it is a way for him to trumpet the successes that that he has has had as well as you know, put forward some of the stuff we talked about earlier. I think that's true Anderson. I think that you know even take them. On Tanna rally. I think all the national media focus on his comments about Greg Gianforte. But if you actually look at both Montana newspapers, the next day was headlines, pictures of Trump saying Trump helps rose, and they'll take on tester. So the local coverage is different. One hundred percents, David said, what we've seen is in giant increase in enthusiasm among Republican voters ever since the cabinet hearings. The question is, can Republicans sustain that? And I think the president talking about taxes and border security issues that continue to keep that momentum and as them up among the base. I mean, I don't know why sort of anyone believes the polls that we all focus on at times given what we have seen in the last couple of years, particularly polls that say, oh, there's this huge Blue Wave coming and all the voter. Enthusiasm is among Democrats, not among Republicans. I mean, I feel like I heard that story so many times in two thousand sixteen and yes, in the popular vote, Hillary Clinton won, but it wasn't enough. I can tell you what I think is giving Republicans confidence right now, they're realizing that they can confidently go forward regardless of what Trump is doing. Everybody was hung on that for a long time, how will impact my race. And maybe they're saying that it's not. And I think the reason for that isn't so much Trump. I think it's because the Democrats haven't crafted a solid alternative agenda. I mean, think about what Newt Gingrich did back in the nineties with the contract with America. The Democrats still haven't found a way to have an alternative Vitit. They're essentially saying, we're going to be anti-trump and you know something something healthcare in. So once you go back to the wealthy Republican voters and they see that, yes, they can get through this. And yes, President Trump is going to keep fighting in doing the rallies and press the gas..

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