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Diversity inclusion not only for their broader organization internally for the industry and what they're doing right. He's really taken on the responsibility for advertisers to really step it up and drive cultural relevance so i think that he he's done a tremendous job evangelizing that in the organization and the resulting in campaigns. That are extraordinarily beautiful and rich and meaningful Not just for hispanics and african americans but for lgbtq four For for so many different consumer groups and done in a really Thoughtful way and in so. That's definitely a company that i've been looking at the work. I do as like. wow like. They really have done a great job. Really making this part of almost like their company and go to market and into the honest. I don't know if they have a hispanic cnn. I don't know if they do. I think he's just kind of taken the mindset and said hey this this is the landscape before consumer base is. We need to reach him in the most relevant way. Right right yeah yeah. I'm not sure either if they do. Or don't I do know that like he. He's even gone through on a personal level of self self discovery process The like ensuring his own heritage know having a at can't remember his mom or dad but there's mexican heritage on one side or the other and Almost like it for a period of time. And then you coming to like this. Nothing should be hiding like this something. I should put out there. This part of me and part of who i am and so i think. I don't know if that precipitated all the other aspects of what you described but i know that he's been on a personal journey as as well as a business journey. I've heard a little bit of interesting. How we've just been talking about the changing population dynamics with The us in particular end. You know eventually. Do you feel like the hispanic business unit. Maybe not hispanic business unit. But do you feel like this notion of how we go to market to serve varying populations. Does it just mean that. We need to change everything that we do as it relates to go to market. Meaning that like you're hispanic business. Unit becomes the way of the future. Not something that's different or separate like we're talking about it right now. Yeah that makes sense. It does and my boss. Greg lines and i have talked about this too in that in a perfect world right. All marketers have this keen sense Almost like spidey sense for for really understanding on having enough consumer empathy then what they do provides the cultural relevance required based on the different cohorts. But until that is true the banning business unit for example serves as champion at age. Ambien as to why Really need to be more culturally relevant. How doing do that. How to measure that. So that folks start to really say while the straps business results we. We have to do this. We have to start including these insights into our brand strategies to then lead to annual plans and execution and until that happens like you know unilaterally. You still need a team. That's really really going to build the muscle to help also teach and inspire the organization But but yeah we've talked about the longer term. Yeah people get it and people do that in a in a in a a standard way because Mar martin marketing. You would call his multicultural. Marketing nowadays is not general market marketing. Everything like for marketing right. We look for that sweet spot of the of the consumer need brand in the cultural context that cultural context is that urse so so then that's true going forward right like it's it's true so that would should then lead you to place where where your solutions and your coms are all capturing the the bigger pitcher in a way. Yeah that makes sense. I mean it seems like a long term play Meaning that eventually it may come back together again or be the new model so to speak of how we should be thinking about marketing. The population that is changing. And maybe it's not that different than you know. Companies that stand up new business models as business units And then ultimately that new business model eats prior business models launch And they become the new way that the company runs You know so. Maybe that's the evolution to you that we're talking about in some respects. It's definitely regardless of what it is is new muscles that need to be built currently and how how has how has the business been impacted this year given all of the things have gone on in twenty twenty. Yup well early on you know. We definitely paused a lot of things especially on the communication side because the moment was on so uncertain and so Challenging for people and really between you know covert and all of the Systemic racism issues. So we were really thoughtful about like hey like what's the right message to go out and when so.

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