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Presented by at and t. We'll thanks for taking the time. Sure my pleasure you my husband. I met governor. Greg abbott and mid june in his office in the capital. And you know. I'll have to say on a one on one level. He's warm he's friendly. he's charming. We talked about our kids. You know we talked about my husband. Who is a lawyer and and went to law school which is crap it went to. Ut's and undergrad. Well i'm an adopted texan and he's castle so in texas georgia but when we spoke though you definitely saw you saw a lot of the different forces that he was navigating he avoided talking about any specifics of any bills of where did being down on things. Like whether and president joe biden won the election. One of the things that some the republican party and said is that they don't believe that buying legitimately won the election into you agree with that. I will abide by with the courts and he said i will abide by the courts. Decided and i think that really speaks to what people say is judicial bearing that he sort of can also be touch aloof not necessarily being the one out in front with proactive strategy or narrative if that makes sense.

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